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Best Cell Phone Tracker Review: Features, Pros, And Cons

Internet offers many tracking apps, and every new application seems to outshine all the existing monitoring options presented on the market. Not surprisingly, it’s difficult to choose the one. Majority of tracker apps have a set of useful monitoring features, which guarantee the accuracy of data collected.
Which cell phone tracker is worth your money? Apparently the one, which combines the user-friendly interface, a variety of useful features and multi-language support staff. How to find the best tracking app? Read the review to find out which application suits your needs and preferences the best.

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mSpy Review: Best Tracking App For Modern Parents

When it comes to the best parental control solution, the mSpy app is considered the most effective option. Every user will be content with what mSpy can offer.

  • No-Jailbreak Package

The mSpy cell phone tracker doesn’t require iOS users to jailbreak the devices in order to install the spyware on them. The app runs smoothly even on non-jailbroken iPhones. No-jailbreak package requires no installation of the mSpy app and supports iPhone 8-X and all the earlier iOS versions.

  • Application blocking

For all parents, whose kids struggle from procrastination, application blocking feature will be a lifesaver. It restricts the kid from opening the block listed app. Once you arrange the blocklist, all the applications included will be impossible to open on the target device.

  • GPS location tracking

mSpy doesn’t only provide you with an insight in online activity of your kid. You will be able to track GPS location as well. The application connects to the global positioning system and provides you with precise data on someone’s location displayed on the map of your area.

  • Cell phone locking

The mSpy software protects the data on the target device from the data breach. In case the target phone is stolen or lost, it will be instantly locked. mSpy guarantees the safety of the data you share and data stored on the target device.

  • Website blocking

mSpy will protect your child from questionable sources and dangerous material. Arrange the blacklist of websites you find inappropriate for your child. Once you kid tries to visit them, the access will be denied.

mSpy Keylogging feature: How to Use?
mSpy records every keystroke made on the target device. Be it a word, phrase or even sentence, the keylogger from mSpy will display it in your Control Panel.

As soon as keylogging app installed on the device, it starts detecting activity by recording the keystrokes entered. Almost every action made on the device requires typing. Thus, the keylogger will reflect all typed information including login credentials, text messages, and e-mails. You may ask isn’t it dangerous?
Indeed, some hackers can discover some sensitive information with the help of keylogger. But with mSpy a hackers’ attack is impossible. With the help of keylogger, you will be able to detect cyberbullying, sexting and other dangerous phenomena.

The life of modern kids revolves around social media. mSpy provides detailed insight into social media accounts of your children to help you understand what content your kids exchange with others and what type of media they are exposed to.
Compatibility. mSpy supports iOS 7 to 8.4; 9.0 to 9.1. Android4+ devices are supported.
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SpyBubble: Get Full Access To Kid’s Mobile Activity

SpyBubble applies the newest monitoring technology to provide full control over your kid’s mobile phone. They feature a single package, which covers all spying options from SpyBubble.
Once you create your account and subscribe on the official website of SpyBubble, you can install the SpyBubble software on the target device and enjoy monitoring it remotely. The software will be updated regularly.
As soon as you set up the SpyBubble phone tracker on your kid’s device, you can start using all the features included in your subscription package. These are:

  • Instant Alerts

Set the restrictions and get instant alerts when your child tries to go against them. SpyBubble controls what content your kid is allowed to search for. Whenever your child looks for something dangerous online, you will be notified.

  • GPS tracker

SpyBubble tracks the GPS location of any person, whose device has the SpyBubble spyware installed on it. The feature works even if GPS is turned off in the settings of the phone.

  • IM monitoring

SpyBubble provides access to primary instant messaging services, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and iMessages. You can overview conversations between users instantly.

  • E-mail Insights

SpyBubble examines inbox of the target user and collects all the e-mails received and sent. You can read them remotely from the personal Control Panel.

Note that the device you want to monitor has to be compatible with the SpyBubble software. Once the cell phone tracker is installed, connect the device to the Internet. Without constant Internet connection, the software will be unable to send collected data to your Panel.
Compatibility. The SpyBubble software is compatible with Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Symbian running devices (no jailbreak required).

MobileSpy: Monitor Texts And More With This Phone Tracker

Want to monitor tablet of your kid? Then MobileSpy may the option you are looking for. MobileSpy features two subscription licenses – the Basic and Premium ones. Purchase will unlock access to the knowledge base for you.
Once you purchased the license, complete setup instructions will be sent to your e-mail.
Basic MobileSpy license will provide an overview of:

  • Text messages
  • Web activity
  • Apps installed
  • Social media accounts

The Premium license covers all Basic license features and offers some additional:

  • Live control panel
  • GPS location phone tracker
  • Live screen spy

MobileSpy notifies you whenever your child implements some specific activities on their device. You will receive profanity, geo-fencing, contacts and intrusion alerts. Geo-fencing alerts may be the most useful feature, as MobileSpy informs you whenever your kid leaves the predefined geofence (school, local café, friend’s house, etc.).
MobileSpy can’t boast about strong security measures. Recently, the Retina-X studios, which designed the MobileSpy, PhoneSheriff, and TeenShield, has faced a hacking attack.
Compatibility. For now, MobileSpy has discontinued their software versions for iPhones, iPads and BlackBerry phones.

The TruthSpy: Use More Than 25 Helpful Features

The TruthSpy covers all your needs when it comes to parental control software. The TruthSpy features simple installation process guided by the installation wizard. Then you can access your dashboard and view the logs stored there.
As with other spying apps, you need to subscribe to get started. You can cancel the subscription in case you are dissatisfied with the services delivered.
What features are included in the subscription package?

  • Multimedia files spy

The TruthSpy phone tracker gives you uninterrupted access to multimedia files stored on the target device. Review photos and videos of your kid. Also, examine the content the user shares online.

  • Ambient voice recording

Ambient voice recording enables listening to surrounding voices and sounds. Customize the TruthSpy to record the surroundings at a particular time every day. All the recordings will be saved to your dashboard.

  • All Internet activities monitored

The TruthSpy records all the processes and activities performed on the target device with the use of Internet. You can check the content your kid is exposed to. Websites’ URL and browser bookmarks will also be displayed for you.

  • Alerts

If you don’t want to log in to your account every time to view the recorded activity, you can set up the alerts to specific activities. Whenever the activity is performed, you will get a notification.

  • Spy call

The TruthSpy accesses the calls list on the target device to inform you on who calls your child and how many times a day. Call duration, the time and date when the call was performed will also be recorded.

Users can also apply the TruthSpy to track the activity of their employees. But there are some points to consider. You can legally monitor only company-owned devices. The employees, who are to be controlled, has to be informed that spyware will be installed on their mobile phones.
Compatibility. The current version of the TruthSpy software is compatible with Android 7.x and also runs smoothly on iPhone/iPad iOS 4.x to 10.x.

FlexiSPY: Variety of Features for Effective Monitoring

Another parental control tool worth your attention is FlexiSPY. It does cover many useful features, which help you stay informed about any activity your kid performs on the handheld device.
The FlexiSPY cell phone tracker deletes all traces of rooting and jailbreaking of the target device. You can hide FlexiSPY icon, as well as other icons that appear after rooting/jailbreaking in the menu of the target device.
What can you do with the help of FlexiSPY?

  • Listen to surroundings

FlexiSPY takes control over mic of the target phone. Then you can listen to what is going on near the device of your child in real time.

  • Record VoIP calls

The FlexiSPY software allows recording VoIP calls, including Skype, Line calls and also cell phone calls. Get detailed information on who called your kid and why.

  • View multimedia files

Multimedia files stored on the child’s phone including personal photos and videos can show you how your kid spends their spare time. You can examine the photo gallery with FlexiSPY.

  • Manage Internet use

Kids being exposed to the dangerous material is the biggest concern of every parent. FlexiSPY saves the browser history to your dashboard. You can check what websites your kid visits instantly.

  • Use Facetime spy cam

Enable the Facetime spy cam in your FlexiSPY account. FlexiSPY will make a secret call for you to listen to the surroundings of your kid. The app will use the iPad camera to take secret photos every 10 seconds.

Compatibility. The FlexiSPY software supports Android OS 4.0.3 – 8.1 and runs on all versions of iOS up to iOS 11.1.2.

How To Choose The Best Phone Tracker?

With varieties of parental control options and features, it’s difficult to decide on the app to try. So, you should pay attention to some important factors.
1. GPS tracker – this may be the most useful feature of any parental control.
2. No-jailbreak/ No-rooting option – most of the premium features of all parental controls require root or jailbreak of the device. Look for the options that offer no-jailbreak or no-rooting packages.
3. Keylogger – if you want to be aware of what your kid types on their device, pay attention whether the parental control has keylogging feature.
4. Alerts/Notifications – Alerts won’t let you miss a thing from your child’s life. Choose the app that will notify you about specific activities you kid performs.

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