5 Ways To Catch a Cheating Spouse

I know how nerve-wrecking it can be to suspect your spouse of cheating. Like everyone else, you want to know that your spouse is faithful. So how do you catch a cheating spouse?

  1. Look for signs of cheating through physical, emotional, and behavioral evaluation
  2. Thoroughly investigate your spouse’s phone
  3. Tap or listen into your spouse’s conversations on the phone
  4. Set a tracking device in your spouse’s vehicle and follow them
  5. Set your spouse up to go on a date with someone else

Now, let’s talk about how to use these methods in more detail.

1. Look for signs of cheating through physical, emotional, and behavioral evaluation

The first way to catch a cheating spouse is looking for signs of cheating. In most cases, you’ll find a cheating spouse acting a lot different than normal. If you’ve been together with your spouse for a while, you should be able to tell when your partner is acting strange. Here are some signs of cheating to look for:

  • Over affection. If your spouse suddenly becomes overly affectionate, it’s a sign that they may feel guilty for cheating. They want you to feel like you’re head over heels for you, but in reality, it’s to help them cope with their actions.
  • Sudden changes in preferences. If you find that many of your spouse’s preferences have changed, it could be from spending a lot of time with another partner. Look for preference changes in the bedroom, as a couple, and around other people.
  • Secret or constant texting. Have you ever caught your spouse trying to hide their phone or use it in secrecy? Do you find them constantly texting? This is usually a sign of cheating as they don’t want unexpected calls or messages to arise at the wrong time, specifically when you’re around.
  • Frequent plans without you. If your spouse starts to make frequent plans with their “friends” or “co-workers” without you, it’s a sign they may be cheating. There shouldn’t be any harm of you coming along. Another thing to look for is defensive behavior. Cheaters may come up with many reasons why they’re going out more than usual, and why you shouldn’t come.

2. Thoroughly investigate your spouse’s phone

The second way to catch a cheating spouse is thoroughly investigating through their phone. In a healthy relationship, there shouldn’t be any problems with spouses going through each other’s phones. When you have the chance, look for anything suspicious on the phone.

Don’t just scroll through text messages or phone calls. Take the time to read through the messages. Go through your spouse’s social media accounts and emails. Also, look for and dig around in messaging and calling apps. Remember that cheaters will never make it easy to find hard evidence. To take it a step further, you could even redial the last numbers your spouse had a call with. If the recipient turns out to be the pizza store, tell them you meant to dial someone else.

3. Tap or listen into your spouse’s conversations on the phone


The third way to catch a cheating spouse is tapping or listening into their conversations on the phone. The next time your spouse receives a phone call, tell them to take the call in the same room. Turn off the T.V. or anything else that may give them an excuse to leave the room.

If they still insist on going to another room, not only is that a sign of cheating, but it’s also a good opportunity for you to listen in. Try following your spouse without getting caught. Make sure you’re close enough so that you can hear what your spouse is saying.

If you’re unable to follow your spouse, walk up to them and use an excuse such as ordering food to see how they react when you walk up. If your spouse is in a hurry to get off the phone, ask to see who just called. Verify what your spouse says by checking their call history. You don’t have to do this right away. Just remember the time and check who called later in the day.

You can also look into Spy Apps to install on your spouse’s phone. These apps allow you to monitor phone calls, messages, and emails remotely. Some of these apps even allow you to record phone calls!

App To Catch A Cheater

4. Set a tracking device in your spouse’s vehicle and follow them

The fourth way to catch a cheating spouse is setting a tracking device in their vehicle. You don’t have to buy an expensive one either, most GPS trackers at Amazon should work fine. Hide the GPS somewhere that won’t be found. Here are some spots to choose from:

  1. Underneath the car. Duct tape the GPS underneath your spouse’s car.
  2. Underneath a car seat. Duct tape the GPS underneath a car seat, preferably in the middle.
  3. On top of the car. If the car is tall, duct tape the GPS on top of the car, preferably in the middle.
  4. Any other hidden compartments. If your spouse’s car has any secret compartments inside or outside the car, hide your GPS in there.

Now, track your spouse’s movements to make sure nothing is out of the ordinary. No visits to unknown houses or long stays at the coffee shop after work. If you find something suspicious, follow your spouse using a car they won’t recognize. Park outside of wherever your spouse is and observe from afar. If you find your spouse with another person, don’t jump to conclusions just yet. Do some more investigation to figure out who that person is.

Wait for your spouse at home and ask where they went and who they were with. You already know the truth, so use this to your advantage. If your spouse lies, the person you saw them with is most likely another lover.

5. Set your spouse up to go on a date with someone else

The fifth way to catch a cheating spouse is by setting them up. Your operation doesn’t have to be complex. Simply ask a friend or hire someone to play as a flirt. Instruct the flirt to approach your spouse and start a conversation.

As the conversation progresses, tell the flirt to start flirting. Give lots of compliments, smile, and get touchy. After a couple of minutes of flirting, have the flirt ask your spouse to go on a date. If your spouse agrees to the date, that’s enough evidence to verify their unfaithfulness. To see more set up ideas, check out ToCatchACheater on YouTube.