Which is the best GPS phone tracker app

Your teen son is not responding for an hour. Bad thoughts come up to your mind. It’s a matter of life and death – to check on him immediately. You are about to call his friends and classmates. Instead of spreading the buzz, try to use the GPS tracker app. The application is must-have for every parent who’s ever been worried about their kids. Here’s a detailed overview of the most prominent GPS location trackers.

mSpy GPS tracker app allows to track any cell phone’s location. mSpy is a location-aware application. It meets the needs of parents who need to know urgently where their children are at this moment. To find out if it’s a good fit for your case, let’s delve into its pros and cons.

mSpy GPS location tracker: Pros and Cons


– Delivers the most accurate data
– Provides timestamps
– Shows the exact address on the map
– Target is reachable by coordinates
– Synchronization is optional
– Force GPS option (when the device is off)
– Monitoring time is selectable
– In combo with geo-fencing
– Accurate route history
– Comprehensive reporting
– Affordable within existing packages
– Available for Android devices and iPhone


– Data might be unclear if the target device is off
– Rare temporary inconveniences in synchronization
– Rare insignificant delay of updates
– Light battery discharge


mSpy GPS tracker app poses as a full-fledged application. It offers powerful monitoring features. They provide the full picture of someone’s online and offline life. Its purpose is to deliver precise data so customers could make smart beneficial decisions.

Customers can verify another phone’s location remotely from any device. When logging into the mSpy account, they see the Control Panel. It contains the whole range of features available for monitoring. To track the phone’s location, customers need to select Locations. This is where the reports are stored.

The GPS location tracker is combined with geo-fencing and other powerful monitoring features. That way, it constitutes solid assistance for parents in their everyday routines. Moreover, the mSpy use is not limited by parental niche. Employers, as well as romantic partners, use it. The latter want to find out if their significant other does what they say.

“Turned out helpful in our situation.”
Susanne, 41 years old, Boston:
“I’m a mom of a teen boy. He is used to hanging out with friends after school. I was freaking out every time he was late home. His father is a truck driver. He can’t keep an eye on him neither can I. So, I use the app when I take night shifts or go to another city to see my mom. $10 per month for keeping me calm is win-win. Geofence is great, but I do not use it because I cannot limit him this way. My kid is super active, and the app turned out helpful in our situation.”

Rick, 34 years old, New Jersey:
“I’m using it to check where my wife is. She knows it. It helps pinpoint her immediately and go pick her up. I do not use other features – don’t want to. But when we get kids, I think we will definitely.”

Customers’ rate – 4.7/5

Use real-time GPS tracking with SpyBubble

The concept of tracking in real time is advantageous in many ways. Parents pinpoint the whereabouts of their children when they get back from school or hang out with friends. Instead of getting panicked, parents can get to know instantly where kids are with exact coordinates. This idea is embodied in a GPS tracker app.

Another angle of such services is the possibility to combine work and parenting. Since monitoring is performed remotely, there’s no need to call, text or come home to see a child. “Real-time” provides enough data to make sure they are where they are supposed to. Let’s find out how exactly the feature works.

SpyBubble GPS tracking features

SpyBubble is another GPS location tracker. Its functioning is not limited to geographical properties. It provides a broad spectrum of monitoring features (social media, instant messenger, online activity). But its real-time data recording is crucial in the realities of abductions, runaways, etc.

For the record, GPS is a network of satellites, ground stations, and receivers. There’s no way you cannot receive your child’s real-time GPS coordinates. The exception is when the target device was disconnected from the Internet. Here’s why.

Satellites are always in a place where they are supposed to be. They are ready to broadcast signals. Ground stations exploit radars to confirm the appropriate position of satellites.

Receivers are devices that catch signals from satellites. Once the receiver estimates its distance from four or more satellites, it is aware precisely where a person is. That way, anyone’s location can be detected with incredible accuracy. Moreover, receivers can pinpoint the location within a few yards and even inches.

SpyBubble GPS location tracker records the data and delivers it to the Control Panel. Customers can read it and make some regularities. This kind of apps expand our understanding of GPS – it adds reporting and data consolidation. This approach allows customers to get more specific information.

Imagine that you’re a single mom. You’re trying to jungle between work and parental responsibilities. Your teen daughter is going through the puberty period. It’ s observed with rebellious behavior, isolation, and experiencing new things. You might be taking night shifts to provide to your tiny family. Meanwhile, your daughter hangs out with people you disapprove. This is where a GPS tracker app might come in handy.

“Real-time is what I like the most.”
Rita, 29 years old, Cincinnati:
I work in an ambulance and usually get home late, especially when doing interim. For my husband, it’s a way out because he knows where I am. I don’t mind showing my locations. I know how important for our marriage to stay tuned regardless of our pace of life and schedules.”

“Nice app, monitor laptops from time to time.”
Mike, 43 years old, manager:
Gave it a try when I got to know business owners are officially allowed to do it with the prior consent of employees. So, when I am onboarding someone, I do tell about monitoring from time to time. In overall, it’s a nice app; I monitor laptops from time to time.”

Customers’ rate: 3.9/5

What does MobileSpy GPS tracker do?

The GPS tracker app poses as an effective tool to monitor the way the corporate stuff is used. It claims to meet the needs of the business environment in terms of corporate property safety. They offer three ways of tracking GPS. Let’s examine each of them.

MobileSpy GPS tracking features

SMS order:
After sending a command to a target phone, your phone receives a text message. It comes with the present GPS position and a link to have a look on a Google map.

The feature is absolutely helpful if there’s no way to connect to the Internet or access the Control Panel. That way, a parent follows the link, finds the exact address and reacts accordingly.

Location history:
A GPS tracker app always offers the route history. Otherwise, what’s the point to show the coordinates and not to show tendencies? That’s why GPS location trackers are much more than GPS position providers.

To view MobileSpy route logs, customers need to log in to the Control Panel. It shows GPS locations with Google map links. Also, it’s possible to select the time interval of updates. For example, you want to be informed every thirty minutes about your significant other’s current spot.

The feature is powerful when it’s urgent to know where someone is at a particular moment. The app has a live Control Panel which shows the true-time GPS location of the device. This common for all prominent GPS tracker apps, regardless it’s an Android smartphone or an iPhone.

“Love getting locations by text message.”
Noah, 31 years old, Fremont:
“What I like the most is getting locations by text messages. Very helpful when driving and need to pick up your girlfriend. However, sometimes coordinates are not accurate. When checking the Panel, it turns out updates are being late for half a day. Fortunately, it’s rare.”

“Hate tracking, but have to.”
Anna, 34 years old, Haddonfield:
“Never heard of GPS tracker app. I’m not tech-savvy and do not believe in technology that much. I hate tracking but have to because my dad has memory loss. Sometimes he ends up in the middle of nowhere and cannot figure out how to come back home. So for my family, it’s such a relief.”

Customers’ rate: 4.1/5

Conclusion: Why do you need the GPS tracker app?

Before making a decision on why you need to acquire the GPS location tracker, make sure you know your need. The more you’re aware of what and why you really want, the more you’ll be specific when picking an application. Let’s map out the field of implementation for you to get a clearer picture.

Using the GPS tracking when children go to school and back.
Every year, in the USA about 800 000 children go missing. The reasons are different. But the fact is obvious – abductions do happen. Parents always think it’s not going to happen with their kid. But it’s better to take preventive measures.

Tracking school buses dropping off children.
In the nineties, In Chowchilla, California, there was a notorious case when a group of men kidnaped the whole bus with kids (26 children). Victims were forced to leave the bus and were taken to a quarry. While the kidnappers were asleep, the driver and kids managed to escape. The fact is these things happen.

Using GPS when both a parent and a child takes long-distance trips.
Does your work require business trips? Or, your child takes ones with the school class? Whatever your family’s situation is, no doubt this feature will be useful.

Checking meetings in inappropriate places.
Look at GPS under the following angle: all the instant messengers allow sharing the GPS location. Usually, it is enabled by default. Child abusers use these channels to, first, get in touch and befriend kids, and then lure them into a meeting. It’s crucial to check whether your child is not meeting a child abuser.

Combining any activity, work, preoccupation with successful parenting.
Nowadays, parents try to navigate between different activities and being there and present for their kids. And this kind of apps facilitates their life significantly. They can be great parents and great employees, career-makers, travelers, etc.

Being an ultimate tracking tool for any situation.
Peope turn to such applications to track their romantic partners. They want to know if they can trust others. To make sure the relationships have future, they start tracing locations.

To sum up, every customer finds their reason. However, at present, it’s not about the importance of using the app; it’s about picking the right one. When thinking of its pros and cons, reviews are always helpful.