Catch a Cheating Husband: Full Guide About Reasons and Signs of a Cheating Husband

The cold truth is that in half of all marriages, the man cheats on his spouse. The bigger problem is how to prove that your spouse is cheating without ruining the marriage or drawing attention to your suspicions about your husband’s fidelity. Before learning how to deal with the situation, here are a few findings about cheating husbands from recent studies.

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Cheating husband – Facts and Advice


  • Social media is the most common way to start cheating. Various online chatting and video chat platforms make it easy for cheating husbands to send a quick message to other women.
  • Husbands are typically found to be the one who cheats in the relationship.
  • Money is strongly connected to the likelihood of your husband cheating. Possessing more money makes other women attracted to him; likewise, he is aware of that power and uses it to start side relationships.
  • A low or absent sexual drive can be an indication of a cheating husband. Men who naturally have a high sex drive and lose interest in intercourse all of a sudden are likely to have a lover.
  • As for sex, having the same sex routine (either the same positions and/or less excitement in the bedroom) makes men bored, leaving them to seek someone who gives them a different experience. Men are attracted to thrill and adventure everywhere, the bedroom included.
  • Husbands justify cheating by the absence of sex in their current marriage.
  • Cheating husbands become serial cheaters (constantly cheating on multiple occasions) more often than wives.

5 Ways To Keep Him From Cheating (Women’s Guide)

If a combination of the signs of a cheating husband is present in your marriage, your husband is likely to be a cheater. However, there are ways to prevent him from being unfaithful in the relationship. Keep in mind that fading love for you is not the reason why he cheats, but rather a combination of issues within him and boredom within the marriage.

Be willing to initiate sex


Men enjoy frequent sex. But the difference is making your husband feel desired and wanted. Men thrive off of that feeling, so tell them how desirable they are and take the first steps to initiate the intercourse. Also, express your love with physical attention signs several times throughout the day; keep it interesting.

Don’t over-accommodate


Stepping into the wife’s role excites many women. Women tend to change to fit the needs and wants of their husbands. In doing this, women lose their sense of self. Avoid completely changing your routine and lifestyle for the other person; in the end, he may question the difference between who he once casually dated and the typical wife-role partner he has now. Don’t be afraid to tell him that you have a life, too.

Don’t become too controlling


In relationships, and especially in marriage, we are unconscious of our desire to change the ways of our partner. We want to change them to adjust to our needs, our schedule, or even our idea of a perfect man. All these changes, no matter how big or small, are signals to our partners that they could be better or even worse, that they are not good enough. Besides destroying his self-confidence, you can make your husband feel like he cannot do anything according to your standard. Constant complaints, punishments, or rewards for certain behavior, as well as nagging, are signs of controlling your husband.

Make sure he knows how much you appreciate him


Why is it that women expect compliments from men? Obviously, because it’s nice to know that someone thinks we are beautiful, or that our clothes are cute, etc. But this is a two-way street. The majority of men won’t admit it out of shame for wanting attention; however, men want compliments as much as women do, as they like to feel appreciated as well. Cheating husbands report feeling like they are not worthy or valued in their marriage. New side relationships typically give them the appreciation they’ve been needing and wanting. The easiest way to do this is to stay positive and let him know when he’s doing something well or when he looks good. A simple ‘thank you’ if he unloads the dishwasher or a warm compliment if he is wearing a nice outfit can go a long way.

Find his relationship patterns


It ‘s a common perception that men have this game between themselves to sleep with the most number of women. While there is no biological or social evidence on the matter, it’s hard to know the exact reasons for your spouse to cheat. If the four previously stated tips are not problematic in your marriage, then perhaps it’s a problem within himself that is out of your control. Talk to him about his past relationships and dating history to gage if he has a history of numerous encounters with various women.

10 Signs of a Cheating Husband

Cheating plays out differently in each marriage, but one thing is consistent – cheating husbands need to hide their mistress and unfaithfulness. Here are ten of the most common signs of a cheating husband.

He comes home smelling of an unfamiliar fragrance


Being the wife, you already know the natural smell of your husband and even the cologne he wears. If he returns home with an unfamiliar smell or even a feminine smell, that’s a clear indication of him being with one person for an extended time. Smells don’t transfer to one person in a matter of minutes but rather after a lengthy time. Take note of if he comes home with the same unfamiliar smell multiple times.

Arrives home and heads straight into the shower/bath


Combined with the previous point, such behavior suggests that your husband probably wants to get his side partner’s smell off of him or remove the smell of intercourse. Does he refuse to hug or kiss you before a shower? If so, that proves even more that he might be trying to hide something.
What you can do is recognize any changes in his normal routine. Most people typically shower either in the morning or at night; if your husband has been showering at the same time for years but recently has been highly inconsistent, it could be another indication of him cheating.

Begins to speak more and more harshly to you or is more sarcastic.


Sometimes this is just an attempt to justify their cheating… or give them an excuse to storm out of the
room/house. By speaking to you harshly and aggressively, your spouse will probably make you react negatively and defensively. The sole presence of your reaction will become the justification for him leaving the conversation and going somewhere else. It will turn into his opportunity to connect with his side partner. Notice if he initiates the argument or nasty behavior and how he responds to it (does he leave home every time?)

Asks about your schedule more than often


He asks about your schedule, exact timing of your visits to the gym, or the dentist so that he can plan his time with the other woman. Some cheating husbands might also tell you about how busy they are and how little time they will be at home due to other made-up events. Not all men do this, but if it seems likes he is continuously making a point about having minimal time together, it means he doesn’t want you to bother him.

Develops an increased focus on losing weight or pays more attention to their appearance


Everyone knows the feeling of wanting to look your best when seeing someone new. The case is no different for an unfaithful husband.
After years of marriage, you become familiar with the other person’s lifestyle and dressing habits. If he looks particularly fancy for things that are neither work-related nor involving you, it’s surely for someone else. Similarly, if he suddenly cares about going to the gym and the food he consumes, he wants to impress someone other than you.

Stops wearing his wedding ring and when asked, can’t give a reasonable explanation


Cheating husbands struggle to give explanations when they want to hide information. Of course, wearing the ring is a problem for him when looking for an affair; so, he will keep it out of sight.

Receives “mysterious” phone calls


If your husband gets a call and hides the caller’s ID or covers his phone so that you can’t see it, he clearly doesn’t want you to know who is contacting him. If you ask him who it was and why they called, and he struggles to explain or gives a one-word consistent answer (work, my mother, etc.), then it’s time to get cautious.

Leaves the room to talk on the phone


In addition to receiving mysterious and unknown calls, your husband may leave the room and go to a place where you can’t hear him. Cheating husbands want to keep the wife and the mistress separate.

Deletes numbers from the “caller ID”


Men who cheat tend to delete the phone numbers of their side partners. This way, if you look at his phone, you will not see any unfamiliar female name, or perhaps, not even suspicious calls. But the problem is that you remember somebody calling him at 3 p.m. – so why is that call log not there?

He adds password protection to his cell phone


Passwords serve one purpose: to keep certain information safe while keeping others out. If your spouse suddenly protects his phone and other devices with a password that even you don’t know, he must be definitely hiding something. If he has always had password protection but has recently changed his password without telling you, this could be an indication of him cheating.

How to know if your husband is cheating with Spy App

Just the thought of your husband cheating is very difficult to handle and is a very sensitive topic for married women. If you find that multiple signs of a cheating husband are present in your relationship, it’s important to handle the situation carefully.
The truth of the matter is that if he has already begun his infidelity, no argument in the world is going to stop him from continuing it. But what is he’s not cheating or is just considering a side relationship? How to find out whether it’s the case without ruining your relationship with jealousy and suspicions? Following your partner is not a practical move in this situation. Instead, a spy app is an effective, easy option that does all the hard work for you and gives you the answer you’re looking for. Download and install the app on your husband’s cell phone, and the app will track his every move (calls, messages, and online searches).

Pros of the Spy app

Unsure about the app? Here is a list of the many benefits a spy pass has to offer.

Ease of installation

You don’t need help from another person to download and set up the app. Upon downloading, complete the instructions carefully to ensure its correct installation.

Appropriate track of various activities

Such apps are usually multi-functioning applications that focus on a wide range of mobile activities, resulting in more accurate findings. They track incoming and outgoing calls and voice messages.

Effective demonstration of all contexts

Not only does the app track several activities, but it also detects any suspicious changes in tone of voice when speaking on the phone or recording a voice message.

Show location

Does your husband claim to be spending late hours at the office, but you’re not confident about it? A spy app lets you always locate your spouse, leaving you with trustworthy and credible information.

Effective track on the content of the target

If your partner deletes documents, videos, and photos, the app will let you know. Cheating husbands tend to remove dubious documentation and chats from their phones. Don’t worry, a spy app provides information about any video, documents, or pictures that are deleted. Also, the app will notify you of any suspicious interactions through social media applications.

6 Reasons Why Husbands Cheat on the Perfect Wife (Psychologists offer many answers to this question, some of which may surprise you)

Many wives give up their careers and dreams to be the best they can for their husbands, to be there for their every need, and to become the backbone of the family. We ask ourselves what we could be doing better to make our husbands happy and honestly feel like everything has been done perfectly. Yet more and more women reveal that their husbands are cheating on them. How can this be?

Lack of maturity

Inexperience in relationships can certainly be a factor. The inability of these cheating husbands to understand the potential consequences of infidelity is also a frequent cause. Almost 70% of men who cheat experience guilt after cheating as a result of understanding how painful a betrayal would be. Wives need to understand that is a common reason why men tend to have affairs, but most importantly, this is not her issue, it’s his. Just think: if he’s too immature and cheats on you, he would do so even in a perfect relationship.

Addiction/ Self-Control Issues

Just like drugs and alcohol, sex addictions are a powerful driving force for men to cheat on their wives. Like all addictions, healthy practices are hard for any addict to establish, and placing boundaries is not an option most times. Without a nagging pressure, encourage your spouse to get help and let him feel your support.


Don’t let a smile fool you; sometimes even the happiest-looking people are the most insecure. Perhaps your husband is insecure about himself, which is why he is being unfaithful. Although infidelity is not the best solution, it’s an easy way to hide and avoid the conflicts and displeasure he finds within himself. Establish a relaxed, open atmosphere where your husband feels comfortable to talk and express his emotions (the good and the bad ones). Thus, you may discover that the root cause of a cheating husband is in his inner problems, not the marriage.

Anger or to Get Revenge

Occasionally, cheating husbands seek revenge or “get back” at their wives for some past event, situation, or argument where the man felt his spouse “won” or did something unfair. In these situations, men want their wives to feel the way they did, which causes them to cheat. However, infidelity is an extreme way to lash out and avenge a past action, which is particularly hard to fix. Family therapy and couples therapy, as well as individual therapy for each partner, will allow both parties to speak freely and obtain professional guidance and help.

They’re Unhappy in the Relationship

Even if you follow the advice of every expert and play by the books to be the perfect wife, that doesn’t mean that your husband will be happy. Cheating husbands who are unhappy in their relationship do it as a way to end the marriage. They often feel guilty about ending a relationship with a good person.

He may have narcissistic qualities

Some people think they are simply better than others. In the case of cheating husbands, they believe that they shouldn’t be held back from any woman who wants them, so when an opportunity arises, it’s there to enjoy.

How does Spy App work to help you catch a cheating husband?

As soon as the app is purchased, downloaded, and set up correctly, it already starts to do its job. For better results, install the app on a device that your husband usually uses for his social media, pictures, and videos, and the mobile gadget he takes everywhere with him. Whatever your target concern is, the app is there to help. Whether it is an online relationship or a mysterious coworker, the app will track all activities. Additionally, the app will alert you of any questionable tones of voice when speaking on the phone. It will also locate your partner at any point of the day, helping you see his true whereabouts. Lastly, expect a record of all the websites and social media that your husband visits, including the information requested on search engines.

Catch a Cheating Husband FAQs: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding cheating husbands. Keep in mind that all answers provided here are based on the evidence we compiled from the top cheating tracking apps and derived from an interview with a family psychologist about the most popular user inquiries.

Can you love your spouse and still cheat?

Although it seems contradictory, yes, it’s possible to love your spouse and still cheat. As seen above, many factors can drive a person to cheat that are unrelated to the marriage itself. This fact doesn’t make it any easier to accept cheating but may help find the root of the problem before throwing love out the window.

How do I deal with my husband cheating without losing him?

After finding the root problem, the best option would be to go to couples therapy and/or a combination of individual therapy. Professional help is a good way to see where and how the problem originated, with both parties obtaining guidance on how to move forward healthily. You won’t build trust overnight but will work towards it together.

Do you really love someone if you cheat on them?

It is quite a debatable topic. Of course, the severity of cheating depends and numerous circumstances make it too difficult to give a straight “yes” or “no.” If it’s a one-time thing, although it’s still technically cheating, it’s likely a deeper issue inside your man. However, numerous occasions could mean that love is no longer a factor.

How do I move on from a cheating husband?

Don’t rush to end the relationship, and, most importantly, don’t blame yourself! Yes, it may hurt, and you will feel a lot of emotions (which is okay), but blaming yourself for another person’s actions is unreasonable, no matter what the cause for cheating was. Additionally, don’t fear other relationships in the future; after traumatic events, people go to the other extreme and avoid affairs overall. That’s equally unhealthy as cheating. Just be more aware of the signs when beginning a new relationship.

How do you trust again after cheating?

As time goes by, you may begin to think of trusting again. When you are ready, forgive the cheater and let go of the past. Only after forgiving and forgetting, you’ll stop feeling pain from someone and can start fresh, looking for new relationships. When you dive into a new relationship, be open and honest about your fears with the partner.

Can cheaters change? Can you ever trust a cheating husband?

Yes, of course! The good thing about people is that they can change. But it’s easier said than done. For someone to change, they need time to understand where they went wrong and learn how to act the right way. If a cheating husband can change his bad habits, you can certainly learn to trust him again.

How to deal with a cheating husband?

First, see what you can do to help. Yes, he should be the one to change his actions as he might possibly not be aware of acting wrongly. A good spouse is there for the good and the bad, so help him change and start with yourself and your relationship. If you’re scared, seek professional advice to handle the situation delicately and effectively.

I could never put something on my husband’s cell phone. It is never out of his reach. I need help.

So, this is the hardest part of installing the spy app. The go-to option would be to grab it while he’s asleep. Perhaps while he’s using another device, you could search for his phone and have a chance to set up the app. Another option is to send the app to his phone through Google. If you have his Gmail information, you can access the Play Store from any device and install the app without problems.