How can you see someone’s location on iMessage? Track on iPhone easily

Did you know that iMessage is not just for texting? You can actually let people know where you are at the moment of communication. A built-in iOS messenger also allows sending contact cards, map iMessage location, voice memos, and more. Obviously, you can see someone’s whereabouts if they send gladly their location via iMessage. What if not? Here’s how to track iMessage Location easily.

How does iMessage Location work?

iMessage Location is integrated with the Apple’s Maps app. What is it? Maps is a built-in app as well. It provides directions with current traffic data, allows to discover new places and save preferable locations.

iMessage Location enables users to send specific locations to people from their contact list. It’s also possible to send a current location to contacts for a period of time. Imessage location tracking is particularly helpful when someone’s trying to meet up at a huge party or when getting around an unknown city. Let’s figure out how to send locations and share a current one via the messenger.

How to send location on iMessage?

You’re about to meet with your friend you haven’t seen for so long. You definitely want to send your current location to make it easy for them to get to your place. Here are four easy steps to forward the iMessage location:
1. Start the Messages app.
2. Pick the conversation to send your location to.
3. Tap on the Information button in the upper right corner.
4. Tap on Send My Current Location.
That way, a friend coming to a meeting will see your present whereabouts thanks to just sent iMessage location and be able to get directions to a place.

How to track the iPhone’s location without the person knowing?

You’ve figured out how to follow someone’s iMessage location. Now, you’re facing a particular case and need some private supervision. Moreover, you need to do it remotely to combine your occupation and this particular routine. The question is are there any other possible ways to ping the phone’s spot?

There are free online services that claim to pinpoint devices with a basic info about the owner, such as a name, an email, and a phone number. A user needs to wait for the site to send a message to trace the device from the closest cell tower, agree, and get a text with a relative latitude and longitude. This way is quite dubious and makes people compromise anyone’s privacy.

Thus, any stranger can use the service for illegal checks. All they need is knowing how to playing tricks with the site to track someone’s phone. Thus, it’s possible to trace most people’s cell phone without them knowing about it.

Do you want to find a current location by phone number? Another option is IMEI tracking. Let’s make it clear: theoretically you can locate the phone’s real spot by phone number. But it takes time turning to a mobile provider and reporting the IMEI of the device. Moreover, you have to know the number of the device that belongs to another person. It is not appropriate at all.

Usually, these are free online trackers and apps that monitor the location. This opportunity is available for Android devices. To do it for an iPhone, Apple suggests Find My iPhone. Here are a few easy steps to follow:
1. Access iCloud on Mac or PC or use the app on another iPhone.
2. Open Find My iPhone and pick the device to pinpoint on a map.

For parents who want to track kids’ location without letting them know, there’s a way out – iPhone Family Sharing. It’s possible to locate the device after accessing Family Sharing account with all the devices associated.

What if owners change the location feature on an iPhone?

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How to change a location on an iPhone?

Ordinarily, iPhones track and record spots that users often visit to suggest better location-related data. However, the idea of being on the spot is not always pleasant for users who value their privacy the most. Here’s how to turn off the location feature on an iPhone:
1. Initiate the Settings app.
2. Tap on Privacy and Location Services.
3. Tap System Services and Significant Locations.
4. Validate access by entering the passcode, use Touch ID, or Face ID
5. Switch On/Off the Significant Locations. The grey color means the feature is disabled.
It’s noteworthy that when you cease sharing iMessage Location, others will receive the notification about it and vice versa – when they start getting your iMessage location again. Thus, it’s not a great way to hide whereabouts.

If the iPhone’s location is off, does it mean the iMessage location is the same? When turning off the feature, you disable iMessage location tracking as well. However, you can switch off only iMessage location.

How to turn iMessage location off?

You can turn off sharing iMessage Location by following these 2 simple steps:
1. Tap or click on the icon in the right upper corner of the message thread. It is sharing your location.
2. Tap or click on Stop Sharing My Location.
Another way to hide your iMessage Location is a little bit tricky. It is about sharing it from another iOS device which is in a stationary location. Theoretically, you do not turn off location sharing, but change it a little bit. This method allows showing to others that you’re in another place.

If your iPad is at home or at work, you can share from that place. When someone verifies, they still see the whereabouts but not yours at the moment. Instead, it will show the iPad’s one. Even if it doesn’t have GPS, it can still share a location via Wi-Fi. The coordinates are not that exact.

How to track iMessage Location with iPhone Tracker App?

The handiest way for iMessage location tracking is using third-party apps. Usually, they contain other monitoring features that allow the supervision of iPhone’s whole activity. There are multiple ones in the monitoring market.

When trying to select among them, it’s important to use a reliable app. Why? Because they deal with people’s personal data. So, the principle of encryption is a must as well as their compliance with the GDPR. The latter is the European law which obliges companies to follow strict rules about customers’ data storage, processing, and distribution. So, make sure when picking iPhone tracker app that this one will deal with someone’s data properly.

One of the tracking market representative, mSpy enables users to track iMessage as well as other messengers, be it inbuilt or installed.

Here’s the thing: the greatest benefit of iMessage is that all the messages are encrypted there. That way, only two devices can see the content of exchanged messages. But mSpy can read them and deliver to the Control Panel.

The app provides access to its Control Panel, a sort of dashboard, where all the information about another device is being stored. Together with a textual material, it is possible to see photos and videos a person exchanged with others in iMessages. Moreover, the timestamps are also visible. That way, you can identify when exactly someone communicated with other people.

Speaking of the location tracking, mSpy pinpoints the GPS coordinates of devices as well. Furthermore, it offers geo-fencing. This feature is in a high demand of parents and protectors. In a nutshell, among iPhone tracker apps this one is a solid representative.

Bottom Line
iMessage location tracking is a good finding for some. So is its location. These things speak volume about people, the way they interact with others, the very nature of relationships. However, monitoring technology went far away in its strive to provide services for all devices and operating systems. The question is which way is the safest.