How to Catch a Cheating Boyfriend: A Full Guide About Reasons and Signs of a Cheating Boyfriend

Are you suspecting that your boyfriend is cheating on you? If you are, do you know how you can catch a cheating boyfriend and what’s driving him into this behavior? If you can’t answer the second question fully, then don’t condemn yourself because we wrote this complete guide to address all that. This guide also shares insights on why boyfriends cheat and the best ways to catch them using technology and other methods. So, remain our guest as we take you through these expert insights to keep you ahead of the cheating game.

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Cheating Boyfriend – Facts and Advice


Cheating has been here for ages. Therefore, it is just wise to know that it can happen to any woman, including you. But how do you behave should you catch a cheating boyfriend? Here are pieces of advice that will help you to remain healthy and focused on life.

  • Understand you’re not alone
    First, keep calm and know you are not the first or only victim of cheating.
  • Own it
    Second, accept the fact that he cheated on you. Owning it means you admit the unfortunate occurrence without blaming yourself.
  • Talk to someone
    Third, speak about it to a trusted friend. Talking about it genuinely will assist you to vent out some of the feelings of frustration inside your heart.
  • Cry if you must
    Women cry naturally. Therefore, don’t shy off from crying and mourning a cheating boyfriend.
  • Focus on the future
    Were you planning to spend your future with him only to discover he is a cheat? Don’t die because your future is still intact. As long as you are alive, you need to brush off the dust of a rotting relationship and focus on what the future holds for you.

5 Steps To Keep A Boyfriend In Love With You And Prevent His Cheating—Women’s Guide

You can prevent cheating by doing some things that many women don’t want to do. In this section, I will show you five practical measures you can take to prevent cheating and keep your boyfriend for life. So, read and apply them if you want him to remain loyal to you and translate into a life partner.

Make Sure You’re Compatible With Each Other

To keep that man for life, you should establish compatibility. You need to ensure that you flow together in the basics of life. For example, a shared value system should be in place so that you don’t keep fighting over everything. You should also make sure that both of you enjoy being in each other’s company. If you have any differences, develop mechanisms of sorting them amicably and objectively. Lastly, you should be willing to embrace your diversity and use it constructively instead of trying to recreate him into your own image and likeness.

Be Someone That He Can Confide In

Well, this one sounds tough for many ladies, but it’s necessary if you will keep a man for life. If you feel you got a man you can spend a future with, then show him a trait that transcends your physical beauty, mental smartness, and money. You need to prove to him that he can confide in you. It’s not about fidelity; it’s about your ability to make him trust you with deep secrets without fearing they will dominate the headlines of the local grapevine the next minute. Otherwise, a loose mouth will cost you a potential life partner.

Make Sure You’re Speaking the Same “Love Language”

Which language does love speak? Okay, if you have no answer, then let’s define a love language. Simply put, a love language is how someone perceives, receives, or gives out love to others. For instance, some people value giving gifts while others value practical things more. Whatever your language is, make sure you understand his language and try to “speak” it. Here, it takes commitment and seriousness because you might be fluent in his love language.

Match His Level of Commitment to You – Don’t Chase After His Love

If you want to enjoy a meaningful relationship with a man that could lead to marriage, then be ready to develop it. Don’t sit there and expect he will suddenly see a potential life partner in you by sitting down and waiting for him to flood you with love. Remember, love is symbiotic. Therefore, you should also do your part to convince him to make that decision or stick to it if he has made it. Otherwise, you will end up brokenhearted because any serious man who could spend his life with you wants to see the same commitment from you. So, prove yourself that you deserve his commitment by showing him the same promise. You might not know how many time-wasting jokers this guy has encountered, and unless you prove you’re different, he might mistake you for one of them.

Have Your Own Fulfilling Life Outside The Relationship

Just because he said he would marry you doesn’t mean he is going to be your everything. The truth is that no single relationship in your life can be everything. Understanding this fact will save you much trouble and even a possible avoidable breakup. The reason is that when you don’t find other fulfilling relationships outside him, you overburden him. Consequently, you become overprotective and jealous. If this continues, you might start suspecting every skirt and blouse you see hanging around him. So, be balanced and know God gave you people in life to enjoy their company and friendship on different levels.

15 Signs of a Cheating Boyfriend: Tips That You Should Know to Catch Him

catch a cheating boyfriend

So, how do you know your boyfriend is cheating on you? What symptoms should you look for to settle your fears and suspicion? In this section, you will discover 15 most common signs of a cheating boyfriend. Read and examine them wisely within proper context because some of them could be symptomatic of other issues too.

He Follows Sexy, Overtly Sexy Women on Social Media

If you want to know whether your boyfriend is cheating, or he has a cheating propensity inside him, watch out the kind of women he follows online. If you notice he likes following scantily dressed women, then he is cheating or planning to cheat on you.

Many Numbers in His Phone Are Unnamed

Does he have many numbers saved on his phone but without names? Have you noticed some of his saved contacts have male names, but when the so-called men call, you always hear women talking? If you have, then he is hiding something from you.

He’s On His Phone or Online More Than Usual

We live in a generation that is hooked to various tech addictions, such as smartphones. However, if your future husband has an excess liking to his phone at the expense of time with you, then he is up to something. If you are suspecting anything, it’s necessary to find out what he usually does there. If you notice that he doesn’t bother you seeing what he does and which apps or sites he interacts with, then he is innocent. However, if you notice he logs out from a given app or website when you start looking on, then he is hiding something mischievous.

He Cares About His Appearance Much More Than Usual

A sudden change in physical appearance could be one of the symptoms of a cheating boyfriend. For example, if he suddenly becomes obsessed with his looks with no apparent intention of looking attractive to you, then be wary. However, you need to factor the context and motives of his sudden personal makeover. Otherwise, you could falsely suspect an innocent person.

He’s Suddenly Very Busy with Work

This sudden shift could indicate a cheating boyfriend. If you notice he has suddenly started going for more work meetings and engagements more than usual, he could be up to something. However, be careful to identify the reason. Why? Because he could have genuine reasons for coming home late and leaving earlier for work. For example, if he recently got transferred to a different department, he might need to change his schedule. So, get the facts correct before acting on your feelings and suspicion.

He Avoids Intimacy with You

Any man who is serious about spending his future with you will value intimate conversations and time with you. If your boyfriend starts dodging intimate moments with you, he is most likely hiding mischief. He could be hiding dangerous traces of lying; he knows if you stay close enough, you are most likely going to discover them. Remember, the guilty are always afraid.

Receives “Mysterious” Phone Calls

If you notice he has started receiving strange calls that require him to excuse himself, then he is up to mischief. Therefore, do your homework to establish the callers and the content of those conversations.

He Has Major Mood Swings

Men are not vulnerable to mood swings the way women are. However, if you notice he has sudden mood swings, then he could be cheating on you. Caution: make sure you investigate the root cause of these mood swings because they could be symptomatic of another condition. For example, if he says he’s stressed, find out why this happens.

He Gets Overly Defensive When You Ask If He’s Cheating

Are you suspecting he is cheating on you, and when you ask him, he becomes overly defensive? Then be cautious. However, be careful here because if your fears are false, any falsely accused person will defend himself or even feel very offended. Therefore, be cautious to discern if the denial is genuine or a clever cover-up.

He Stops Saying “I Love You”

If he suddenly stops expressing words of affection, like singing the official “I love you” affection anthem, then, he is most likely seeing another woman. However, be discreet to establish the root cause before suspecting him.

You Smell Another Woman on Him

Have you noted signs of another woman on him? For example, does he come home smelling a different cologne, or he has lipstick stains on his clothes? If you notice these signs, then he is obviously cheating on you.

His Daily Routine Suddenly Changes

A sudden change in daily routine is another symptom of a cheating boyfriend. If you have noticed he is leaving for work or coming home later than usual without any reasonable explanation, smell a big rat. Most likely, he is doing this to spare extra time to be with another woman.

He Hasn’t Taken His Online Dating Profile Down

If you notice that he has not deactivated his dating account, and yet, he claims he wants to spend his life with you, smell a rat. Also, check out if he deleted it to please you, and then he suddenly reactivated it. It means he is not ready to settle down with one woman in his life.

He Keeps Mentioning Someone Else’s Name

Does he accidentally call you strange female names and then says it was his “cousin”? Watch out for these signs. The name that erupts randomly could be an actual person he is seeing. It shows how deeply that woman is rooted in his heart.

You Find Actual Evidence

Lastly, you can catch him in the very act. For instance, one of these fine days, you might bump into him with another woman.

How to Catch a Cheating Boyfriend Using Cell Phone Spy App?

Technology is useful if you use it well. However, you have no control over your boyfriend’s abuse of this valuable tool. Technology has provided people with more sophisticated tools for cheating. Fortunately, you can use the same tech to beat your cheating boyfriend in his own game. For example, a spying tool is an excellent solution you can optimize to validate your fears. Below are proven ways in which it can assist you in catching him.

View His Text Messages

We start with the most common cheating tool—SMS. If your cheating boyfriend is too smart to let you read his messages, you don’t need to worry. You can use a spy app to read his deleted messages and pin him down with evidence.

Check His GPS Location / Track His Movements

Is he telling you he is going for “meetings” far away when he is actually in town? Don’t worry. You can use a spy app to locate his real-time movements.

View His Installed Apps

Dating apps are all over. Therefore, you can use a spy app to investigate if he has installed any dating app on his phone.

Narrow Down the Search with Keylogger

This spying capability enables you to track all the phrases and words your cheating boyfriend keys into the target device. You can use it to identify his latest “honeys” and “sweets.” The keylogger enables you to view all these words on all the online platforms he visits.

View His Internet Surfing

Most spy tools enable you to view his browsing history. You can know which sites he visits and the kind of content he interacts with there.

Get Some Compromising Pictures to Use As Leverage

If you get compromising pics he sends or receives from women, then you have a right to confront him openly.

View Calendar Activities

You can check his calendar activities in and out of town. This way, you will know his schedule and get the upper hand in tracking him. For instance, if his calendar reads he should be in the gym at a given time, and then he comes back home from the opposite direction, then you are better placed to catch a cheating boyfriend.

Keyword Alerts:

Set a List of Dangerous Words and Phrases You Wish to Catch Your Cheating Bf
You can use this feature to get notified whenever he sends or receives messages containing sexually explicit or suggestive words.

Apps to Hide Photos, Videos, and Other Apps

You can also check his phone to discover if he has apps that hide photos, videos, and other apps he might be using to cheat.

Calls on Your Boyfriend’s Cell Phone

Also, you can catch a cheating boyfriend by checking the call log on his phone. A spy application allows you to do this secretly and safely.

5 Reasons Boyfriends Cheat on the Perfect Wife

So, why do men cheat on their future wives? Here are the five leading reasons for their cheating behavior:

Boyfriends Cheat Because They Aren’t Strong Enough to Resist the Temptation

Let’s face the facts straight. We live in a sexually charged environment. This man sees all the “weapons of mass distraction” paraded twelve inches above the knee and six inches below the cleavage! Moreover, you may be not the only woman who wants to spend a life with him. Given all these factors, sexual temptations bombard all men, including married ones. Therefore, the battle is for the strongest, and only they survive the temptation to cheat.

Boyfriends Cheat Because Of the Influences Around Them

The modern generation is under a heavy influence of sexual perversion and looseness. These men watch all manner of pornographic materials that glorify and promote sexual looseness. The internet and media are rife with evil influences that make it impossible for men to remain loyal to one person. So, your cheating boyfriend could just be one of the millions of victims.

Boyfriends Cheat Because They Got Away with It Before

Since the present-day generation is sexually charged, your boyfriend could be one of those guys who are used to cheating. Remember, bad habits die hard because once something enters one’s bloodstream, it becomes addictive.

He Wants To Exert His Power

Ladies, many men are natural hunters. Therefore, they like chasing after and conquering women to feel they are “real men.” Thus, their “cock” behavior of chasing after “chicks” drives them into cheating because they think they have “conquered another one.”

His Friends Are Cheaters

All friends are influential—positively and negatively. Therefore, if he keeps cheating friends, he is most likely to cheat.

Summing Up

So, what do we say? Are all men cheats? The answer is a big “No.” It is true you could have a cheating boyfriend, but that doesn’t mean all men cheat. If he is cheating on you, then you are better off because you now know how to catch him and act appropriately. Hopefully, you are now better placed because you know your actual position in the relationship and what to do.

Catch a Cheating Boyfriend FAQS: What You Need to Know

How would I know if my bf was cheating?

You have many options for learning if he is cheating. You can use a spying tool or other conventional ways to watch for symptoms of cheating, such as sudden mood swings, a sudden flush of secrecy, and reduced intimacy.

What tools can I use to find out if my boyfriend is cheating?

You can use a tech-savvy and secret app to catch a cheating boyfriend.

Can I track my boyfriend’s phone without him knowing?

Yes, you can. A spy app allows you to do this discreetly and safely.

How can I check his browsing history secretly?

Yes, you can. Most spying apps have all these features.

I think my boyfriend is cheating on me. What should I do?

If you think he is, but you have not verified your fears, we advise you to investigate the matter patiently, objectively, and discreetly.

Why does my boyfriend spend more time with his phone than with me?

He might have various reasons for doing that. One of the reasons for it could be (but you must prove it before suspecting him) he is cheating on you. Alternatively, he could be a smartphone addict.

How can I check my boyfriend’s text messages?

You can use our spy tool to check his messages secretly.