How to Catch a Cheating Girlfriend: Full Guide

So, your relationships changed, and you don’t understand what happened. She became cold and unresponsive. She’s always on her phone, without letting you know what she does, where she goes, and how soon you’ll see each other again. Is she seeing someone else? Probably. But you’ll never know if you don’t check. Here’s our expert guide on finding out whether your girlfriend is still faithful or it’s time to take some action.

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Cheating Girlfriend – Facts and Advice

catch a cheating girlfriend

No one likes to think about the possibility that their partner is cheating on them. First comes the suspicion, and then comes all the worry and wonder. Every text, phone call, giggle, and swipe make your thoughts travel faster and faster, wondering if they are seeing someone else. It is not the case in every situation; sometimes things are just misread or misunderstood, but it is good to know. The truth can set you free and give you the option of staying and working on the relationship or leaving and moving on. Though every relationship is different, there are some common signs present when your girlfriend begins to cheat that you will need to be on the lookout for.

5 Steps to Keep a Girlfriend in Love with You and Prevent Her Cheating (Man’s Guide)

Make her feel beautiful

Have you told her how beautiful she is lately? Have you told her what you like best about her? Maybe you love the smallest freckle or her smile or the way she looks in clothes of a specific color. Instead of keeping it in and thinking that she knows, tell her. Put it out into the universe and watch her beam as she walks beside you.

Make her feel safe

Girls need a place to feel safe in this vast big world, and what place can be better than your arms? Make her feel that she can come to you with anything, taking the weight of the world off her shoulders.

Be honest with her

If something is bothering you, tell her; don’t hold it in. Many times, men try to keep emotions hidden for fear that they could make them appear weaker. It, however, is not the case. Girls love when you share your feelings and goals with them, making them feel like you want and need them by your side.

Prove to her that she’s your only one

Let her know that there is no other woman in the world that can compare to her. Be open, transparent, and honest; show her that you’re dedicated to her and only her. When girls flirt with you on social media or in public, keep her in the loop not to raise any suspicions.

Be her hero

At the end of it all, most girls want to feel like their man is the best. They want to know that when bad things happen or they get hurt, their man will be there to save the day and wipe their tears; so, be her hero.

10 Signs of a Cheating Girlfriend: Tips that You Should Know to Catch Her

Every relationship is different, just like every person. The tips that follow should be considered only after taking a chance to note changes in normal behavior. They can be good indicators especially when you notice small changes in the usual ways of your girlfriend.

She’s busy and won’t say where she’s been

It is a big sign, especially if she wasn’t as busy before. Maybe you ask her where she was, and she dodges or avoids the question. One time is nothing for concern, but if you notice it happening frequently, you may want to stay cautious.

She’s always working

Not to say anything about the girls who do work hard but, if you see a shift in free time, with her putting it off as always working, then you may need to dig a little deeper.

She keeps her phone on high security

It is a big sign as the things that we wish to keep from people are the things we hold onto and hide. Notice the way she is with her phone: will she leave it out, does she keep the sound off, does she check a message and put it directly back into her purse? These acts could mean she is hiding something.

She doesn’t want to cuddle

Girls usually love to cuddle, but if she does not want that, then we recommend checking on other changes to her behavior as well.

She kisses you without any passion

A girl in love will kiss you with all her heart, just like she did when you first started dating. If you notice her giving you only thoughtless pecks or pushing you away when you try to kiss her, it could mean she is sharing that with someone else.

She started dressing more fashionably

When something new and fresh comes along, like a new man, girls will change their look and put more effort into looking good at all times. If she has made a sudden change, and it is not for you or herself, then it could indicate that she wants to show off for someone else.

She spends less time with you than before

Think about when you first met, how you couldn’t stand to be without one another. Maybe over time, you have a little more space but still love spending the maximum amount of time possible with one another. If this sensation has faded, and you notice that she is suddenly always too busy, this could be a sign she is spending time with someone else.

She started hiding things from you

Girls are open to people they trust. If she was open and honest throughout your relationship and has now become very distant and private, she could be confiding in someone else.

She asks you to spend time with your friends

If she is asking you to go with your friends instead of begging you to stay home, this could be a way of keeping you away from her for some time so she can text, talk, and meet someone else worry-free. If you notice this often, it could be a big sign.

She starts mentioning a new friend or colleague

If you notice a new name pop up in your conversations over and over, you need to be cautious. Pay special attention when she began talking about that new person and how long it had persisted. Does she get offensive when you ask questions about this new muse? If yes, this could mean they’re getting closer by the day.

Get Spy App To Catch A cheating Girlfriend

How to Catch A Cheating Girlfriend Using a Cell Phone Spy App?

Maybe the signs above check out, and you have a gut feeling that your girlfriend is seeing someone else. It could be difficult to approach her demanding the truth, and there is also a chance that she could deny it all. To be sure, some applications can help you find out whether or not she is cheating or just going through some transformations in her life. Either way, you will have the knowledge needed to either confront her or comfort her, keeping your sanity and security.

What Do I Learn with the Help of a Spy App?

Spy apps are everywhere these days, but they are not all created equal. These apps can be used to discover whether your girlfriend is seeing someone else by looking at her messages, photos, phone calls and more. Most of them will also give you access to the most used apps, like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. Be sure to use these with caution, as knowledge of their use can also cause damage to the relationship.

View her text messages

Spy apps will give you access to text messages, both incoming and outgoing. The number of texts available to view per day depends on the package you purchase, with some offering unlimited monitoring and unlimited wordcounts.

Check her GPS location / Track her movements

Most apps require that location tracking be enabled for their use, making tracking easy to do. They also offer real-time location information, showing you with pinpoint accuracy where she is and for how long.

View her installed apps

This one is a huge advantage, especially with all the apps out there targeted toward being more secretive. You will be able to see all activity for installed apps, including those which are famous for erasing messages after opening. You will have access to messengers within each installed app and even to dating apps if there are any installed.

Narrow down the search with Keylogger

Keylogger is a powerful technology used to record every stroke of a key on the keyboard. You can use the Keylogger to access her messages and web browsing to see what she’s been up to and who she’s been talking to.

View her Internet surfing

With spy apps, you will have access to her browser and history. Here you can see all of the latest searches, including history that has not been cleared off of her cell phone.

Get some compromising pictures to use as leverage

Spy apps also give you access to photos. You can access and download them to make your case stronger when confronting her infidelity.

View calendar activities

If she has dates scheduled or has her work schedule uploaded, you will have access to them with spy apps to discover whether she is telling the truth about where she is spending her time.

Keyword alerts

Set a list of dangerous words and phrases you wish to catch your cheating girlfriend at. For those who are too busy to be monitoring all the time or just don’t want to, keyword alerts will save the day. They are customizable with most spy apps, allowing you to see only messages or searches that raise red flags.

Apps to Hide Photos, Videos, and Other Apps

These apps can be accessed with most spy apps by giving you a glimpse into all installed apps, even those targeted at hiding photos and videos.

Calls on Your gf Cell Phone

All incoming and outgoing calls will show through these apps, including dates, times, and duration of the call. In this way, you can know for sure who she is speaking to and for how long, deciding whether further investigation is needed.

Catch A Cheating Girlfriend

12 Reasons Why Girlfriend Cheating on You (Psychologists offer many answers to this question, some of which may surprise you)

Cheating often has nothing to do with the other partner involved, resulting from the individual problems that they have never dealt with. We have consulted expert family psychologists to reveal some of the top reasons for which girlfriends cheat, hoping to give you a sure way of finding closure in the process.

She’s taking revenge for your infidelity in the past

Have you cheated on her before? Though revenge is not always the intention, it could make it easier for her to be less guarded towards other men giving her attention. The more attention she is getting, the more likely she is to confide in them and open up.

You’re insanely jealous and always accusing her of cheating

Accusing someone of being unfaithful can cause many problems, making them feel like they cannot be trusted. Give your girlfriend some space and some free time to miss you. If you’re continually thinking she may be cheating, these fears could cause her to become closer to someone else who gives her freedom and comfort.

She cheated to get the attention you’re not giving her

Sometimes, other guys are lurking around the corner, just waiting for you to mess up. If you are not giving her attention, another guy will, making her feel more special and causing her to become closer to him.

She feels the relationship or marriage is over

If you give her no hope and make her feel that your couple doesn’t have a future, this could cause her to feel like your relationship means nothing. Make sure that you are clear what you want and tell her that you value your relationship and want to build a future together.

Cheating might make her feel young again

Maybe she is feeling down on herself, feeling like she is getting older and not as attractive as she used to be. When a woman is vulnerable, even the smallest bit of attention can pull her away from you if you haven’t given her the confidence she needs. For this reason, making her feel special is the best thing you can do.

You don’t turn her on, and she’s no longer attracted to you

No one wants to hear that the one they love is no longer attracted to them, but sometimes it happens. Attraction fades and makes a person seek these feelings elsewhere. Try and spice things up both inside and outside of the bedroom, trying to put more effort into your appearance, making you feel more confident and her – more attracted to you.

You became boring and dull

Did she fall for your adventurous side? In the beginning, were you taking random trips and making the world your playground? Have you stopped? Take a good look at your relationship and the activities that you do together. If you are always binge-watching Netflix or playing video games, it may be time to add some more adventure in your life, bringing the exciting you back to play.

She cheated to feel the physical pleasure she might lack

The female anatomy is complicated, making communication key. Faking an orgasm is common among women, but don’t make her feel bad for telling you. Let her know you are just as concerned with her pleasure as she is and work together to create a more pleasurable experience in the bedroom. This satisfaction flows into every part of the relationship as sex is one of the most intimate parts you share.

Another man made her feel more attractive, special, and sexier than you do

Tell her every day how beautiful and charming she is. If you love a color on her, tell her. If you like the way her hair looks after a long day, tell her. Don’t hold it in or think that being with her is enough; always express what you feel, and she will love you more for it.

She’s addicted to sex

Many people think that this is only a male issue, but the fact is that females can be addicted to sex, too. Maybe she is craving something that you cannot give her, even if she is satisfied in the bedroom. If this is the case, and you really love her, stay by her side and seek professional help to combat the addiction.

She’s been using you for a better life

If you gave her the moon and more without any sentiment, she could have just been using you to better her life. While gifts and surprises are essential, they should be given from the heart and appreciated just the same. Without this mutual connection, it can be easy to find someone offering more expensive luxuries for less of her time.

She craves the thrill and rush of cheating and doing something really bad

Another cause for special attention is if she is craving to rebel. It is normal and natural but can be a psychological problem if not addressed. Try to get to the bottom of it and help her through, giving her other ways to satisfy the need for thrills. Psychologists have revealed that the same parts of the brain light up when rebelling as when shopping, gambling, or participating in extreme sports; therefore, there are ways to substitute and calm the cravings she is having.

Summing up….

Cheating is a theme that we all have dealt with in our lives, whether it was just a suspicion or reality. Not every case is the same just like not every relationship is the same, making it crucial to analyze the typical behaviors of your partnership before causing a scene. Apps can help calm suspicions or bring out the truth, giving you a clearer vision about the future of your relationship. Putting suspicions of cheating to rest will provide you with more time to enjoy the best parts of your relationship, leaving only room for love and growth.

Catch A Cheating Girlfriend With Spy App

Catch a Cheating Girlfriend FAQS: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW

We spoke with knowledgeable, experienced psychologists to bring you answers to the most asked questions when dealing with a cheating girlfriend.

How do you know if your wife still loves you?

Love is something that doesn’t just fade overnight. Love takes time to develop and also takes time to disappear. Even when you two are going through a rough patch, the chances that your wife no longer loves you are slim, requiring you to remind her the man and husband you are and always have been.

How can I get my wife to love me again?

Think back to when you first met. What was it that made her fall for you? What did you do to make her say yes when you proposed? Have you changed? Taking a good look in the mirror and noting those changes can help you analyze what you’re bringing to the table, highlighting which areas you may need to work on.

Is an emotional relationship cheating?

We all need a friend a time to two in our lives, no matter the sex of the person. Male or female, sometimes people are just easy to talk to. Emotional relationships are not cheating, just as long as you are not neglected in the process.

What should I do when my girlfriend cheated on me?

The most important thing to do is not to panic or cause a scene. Take the time to calm down and get your thoughts in order. Continuing in the relationship will take work, and ending it will result in heartbreak. Have a clear idea in your mind of what you would like to do and then confront her.

How do you tell if your girlfriend is losing interest in you?

If she seems bored and depressed, this could mean she has lost interest. Maybe she is no longer initiating sex or planning fun things for the weekend. So, it is up to you (if you’re willing) to win her heart back.

Is it true that if your girlfriend cheats on you once, she is going to cheat on you again?

Absolutely not. Sometimes people cheat, regret what they did, and never do it again. If your relationship is special and there is a lot of love, the chances of her repeated cheating are very slim.

I think my girlfriend is cheating on me; how can I tell if she is or isn’t?

If you suspect your girlfriend of cheating, first of all, don’t panic, but do take time to notice small changes in your relationship and your time together. While there is no sure indication or sign, many indirect signs combined together can raise red flags, prompting you to take measures and dig deeper with spy apps and monitoring.

Should I tell my girlfriend that I cheated on her a long time ago?

It is always best to be open and honest in a relationship. If it happened long ago, and you are no longer in contact with that person and have come to forgive yourself, then telling her may cause more damage then keeping it to yourself. Telling her can raise trust issues, though, when properly presented, it may also let her know your dedication to your relationship.