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Cheating in relationships has been around since the dawn of the human race. However, technological advancements have escalated it across both sexes. The rise of the social media and its various platforms have fueled the relational pandemic. For example, KIK is one of the leading social platforms people use to cheat on their spouses. How is KIK used for cheating? Is it specifically a cheating app? Nobody can say for sure as people still cheat without it. How can you detect a spouse cheating on KIK? What salient symptoms do they manifest to let you raise the red flag? The remaining parts of this guide will reveal how mSpy and other methods can assist you in catching an errant partner.

How Can KIK Messenger Hide Secret Conversations?

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Many people abuse this platform’s Messenger to betray their spouses because of the secrecy it allows. The secret conversations feature enables a user to communicate with their contacts in total privacy. The system is so effective that nobody can intercept the communication content because of its tight encryption levels. KIK claims that even its staff can’t peep into such conversations.
Therefore, only the sending or receiving devices can hold the secret conversations on KIK. This secrecy level means that if you created messages using your Android device, you can’t view them on your iPad. Moreover, it allows you to determine how long the recipient can continue seeing the messages you sent them. The sender can also choose their message display time between a few seconds and a whole day, or deactivate this timer feature. This way, it becomes very tricky to catch a person cheating using this platform.
However, this feature doesn’t cancel the regular conversations on Messenger. It means that both the sender and recipient are temporarily engaged in secret chats, still able to access other features such as reporting or blocking a user in this mode. Moreover, they can delete all their messages in this secret mode the way they do other regular chats. However, they can only do it on their sending device. Therefore, the recipient also needs to delete them on their end. Don’t forget that even although these messages are secret, a user can take screenshots and share them out. So, nobody has absolute secrecy, even on KIK.

mSpy Is Effective in Catching Cheaters in KIK Messenger

So, is KIK used for cheating? Yes, for those who want to cheat. After establishing that people use this platform to cheat, it is not uncommon to suspect that a spouse could be using it to cheat as well if they have a profile there. It’s critical to deal with such suspicious thoughts proactively since they could breed more trouble. So, you can opt for a more discreet and accurate option that will let you verify your fears. At this stage, mSpy comes in handy and just in time. To use it to deal with cheating on KIK, you need to follow a simple process that will yield accurate results. Go about it this way.

Download the mSpy App

You have to download the spy app to your smartphone or tablet before starting your investigation. The software provider offers different paid plans. So, we recommend reviewing the available functionality for each of them and then choose a plan suiting your needs.

Download the Spy App to Your Straying Spouse’s Smartphone

Next, download and install mSpy on your partner’s smartphone – it should be done secretly and discreetly. Otherwise, you will create more trouble should they suspect you have installed spyware on their device.

Track Them

Afterward, start tracking their errant escapades. The spy application will record their secret activities. You will only have to log into your mSpy account to see every cheating activity they engage in.

Act Prudently and Maturely

Once you have sufficient proof that they are cheating on you, it’s time to think to use that information. This stage is critical since, after proving your fears, you’ll make or break the relationship. Take time to process that information because some of it could be disturbing, especially if cheating was done with someone you know. You can choose to stay in the relationship or break up based on how the exposed spouse responds.

Uncovering KIK Cheating with mSpy App

mSpy can uncover cheating on KIK. But how does it do it? With this app, you can crack the code of secrecy cheating partners think makes them immune to catching. Let’s see how.

Location Monitoring

Just like with other platforms the app monitors, you can use our app to monitor your spouse’s straying activities through location monitoring. The reason is that people link up online and in the real world using KIK. For instance, they lie they went to a “business meeting” at a certain place while in fact they were in the neighborhood with another man or woman. Tracking their location using KIK will tell you whether indeed they were out of town and where exactly they were for all that long. So, you don’t need to worry anymore about the fishy and funny explanations errant spouses give.

Photo and Video Monitoring

Photos and videos are popular visual content people send and receive using KIK. If your spouse (or potential spouse) uses KIK to cheat on you by sending or receiving indecent photos and videos, don’t worry. mSpy lets you spy on all the nude pictures and videos they send and receive from their secret lovers. Once you have installed it, you can always check your control panel and gather sufficient evidence to catch a cheating better half.

Monitor Their Messages

Messages are still the world’s favorite communication tool. Therefore, many straying spouses use them to cheat on KIK. However, you don’t have to spend sleepless nights worrying about what they are communicating about with secret lovers. You only need to optimize mSpy’s message-monitoring capabilities to know what they are discussing.

Track Their Calls

Lastly, you can use this tool to know when they receive or make calls. Moreover, mSpy lets you know the contacts that call them or those they call for cheating purposes. Just keep calm and let the app do the tracking.

How Do I Know if My Girl is Cheating With KIK Using mSpy App?

Cheating on KIK is not a preserve for men. The truth is that women are fast catching up with their male counterparts. How can you know if she is cheating on you? How can mSpy assist you in detecting her cheating activities? Here is a simple process of catching her:

  • First, install mSpy on your personal device to track her errant and randy moves with other men. This installation will enable the app to notify you of all her cheating activities. You will use it to access your online account where mSpy stores all the captured data to use as evidence against a cheating woman.
  • Second, you will have to install it on her phone. However, discretion and tact are required here because you could abort your spying journey before starting if she discovers you are installing something fishy on her phone.
  • Third, the app starts collecting data regarding everything she does on KIK and sends it to you secretly. You will know whom she calls, texts, shares photos and videos with, and where she goes. You will also see the kind of communications she has with those men and women.
  • After gathering the evidence, you are free to determine what to do with it.

Can mSpy Help Determine whether KIK is an App for Cheating?

KIK is not a cheating messenger in itself. Cheating comes from a person’s nature and not the app. Therefore, mSpy only comes into the picture to expose a person’s straying nature and behavior. Let’s assume that your spouse uses this app to betray you; how does mSpy fit in? How can it expose the dirty secrets that have been going on for many days behind your back? Below are three effective and simple ways in which our spy app can assist you in finding out such cheating:

  • Messaging. mSpy can assist you in learning if someone is using the app to betray you by monitoring their messages. You can access their deleted sexting messages and pin them down with evidence.
  • Videos and photos. The app can also help to learn if your better half is betraying you using KIK by revealing all the images and videos they send and receive.
  • Calls. Even if they think they are too smart to make or receive cheating calls in your presence using KIK, you don’t need to worry. You can use mSpy to monitor all these calls and replay them to get their exact contents.

Is It Possible to Detecter whether KIK is a Cheating App?

Is KIK a cheating app? The answer to this question is “no.” It is not a cheating app like Tinder. However, people can abuse it just like they do with all other messengers and social media. Here is how you may tell if someone is using the app to cheat on you:

  • First, the app will replace you because the same person who used to spend much quality time with you now spends it on the app. If this happens, then you should suspect cheating is going on, or your other half intends to cheat.
  • Second, you can tell if the person is using the app to cheat on you if they remain secretive with their KIK activities. For example, if they are on KIK, and then suddenly they discover you are following their activities and log out, just know something fishy is going on.
  • Third, you can know if the app is a cheating tool if you notice evidence on your partner’s smartphone. For example, should you find out indecent and suggestive conversations with members of the opposite sex, then cheating is in the background.

Closing Remarks

Cheating is a perennial cancer that has been eating relationships. KIK is one of the apps many errant spouses are using to cheat on their loved ones. However, cheating on KIK is neither a death sentence to your relationship nor can it go on forever without detection. You can use mSpy and other methods to detect a cheating partner. Overall, mSpy advocates for fidelity in all things since it’s easier to maintain a relationship through faithfulness than by restoring it after infidelity.


How can I see if my girlfriend is on KIK talking to someone else?

If you are talking about “seeing,” then you can do that very quickly. You only need to install mSpy on her smartphone and let the app do the rest. The app will notify you whenever she makes or receives a call from suspected secret lovers. Moreover, you can access the contents of all the calls plus the calling/called numbers.

How can I find out if someone has been on Kik?

People do different things on KIK. Therefore, you can’t know for sure if they have been there. To settle such worries, you may install our spy app on the target’s smartphone. It will monitor all their activities secretly and store them on your control panel. Moreover, you can access all the data, content, and activity logs from the mSpy panel even if your partner deleted the evidence on their device.

Can you tell on Kik if someone is having multiple conversations?

Again, you can tell if someone is having multiple conversations or vice versa. You only need to install mSpy on your device and the person’s device. This way, the app will monitor all their conversations and send them over to your phone. This data will give a snap into all their conversation activities at your convenience.

I checked my bf’s KIK account and saw hundreds of girls in his contacts? Is he cheating and what should I do?

If you find such evidence, you don’t need to rush into confronting him. Yes, he might have more strange girls as contacts than men, but it’s not sufficient evidence to pin him down for cheating. Face him if you notice suggestive conversations between him and a specific girl. Otherwise, rushing into the matter could cause more trouble for both of you.

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