How to Catch a Cheating Wife: Full Guide About Reasons and Signs of a Cheating Wife

We have all thought about it, the possibility of the one we love giving the best of themselves to someone else. Nowadays, especially with advancements in technology, things like hiding messages, making private calls, and even photos that disappear are common. These tricks and secrecy can make suspicions rise and cause fights that dilute trust in a relationship.

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Cheating Wife – Facts and Advice

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If you are having doubts, it’s good to know, as confidence in your relationship will leave time for the more important things like building a life together. If you suspect your wife of cheating, the first thing is not to act out in outrage, as there is always a backstory that will require some patience and understanding on your part. Try to get to the bottom of it while remaining the husband she fell in love with. Throughout this article, we will highlight some key ways to keep her from cheating for those who are only suspicious and will offer advice collected from expert relationship psychologists on the best and most undamaging ways to catch her and resolve the family conflict.

5 Ways to Keep Her from Cheating (Man’s Guide)

First, let’s start with ways to prevent cheating. Though you as a husband are not always to blame, a good look in the mirror can set you off in the right direction, questioning whether you’re the same man that she fell in love with all that time ago. After a good look within, the following suggestions can help prevent her from confiding in another man.

Always be there to support her


We are all human. Things happen day in and day out, and without creating a safe and secure place for her to express her feelings, she can seek others who will soothe her worries. Be there as a friend first, helping her become a stronger woman and watch your relationship soar.

Pay attention to her


Notice when she’s changed her hair, or when she looks especially good, or when she’s accomplished something special. Every woman on the planet loves a good compliment, especially when it comes from the one they love the most. Even when you’ve had a hectic day on the job or are exhausted and stressed, still take a second to appreciate the woman that is in front of you.

Make sure that you take care of her needs as much as possible – physical, spiritual, mental, sexual


Ensuring that her needs are met is a sure way to keep her happy and in love. Pay attention to her levels of stress, listen to her when she talks, surprise her with a home-cooked meal, or spend a night out in town. Anything that she needs, she will tell you; you just have to open your ears and your heart.

Talk to her about your hopes, dreams, your future together


Talking to her about the future you’re hoping to build is a great way to make her confident that you’re committed to the relationship just as much as she is. Confidence in a relationship is a 2-way street, and the more you show your investment, the more she will show hers. Share your hopes and dreams and work together to build the life you thought you could only dream of.

You don’t look the other way or let things slide anymore


If something is to occur, instead of avowing it, bring it to light. Creating a relationship that is open and honest can be the best way to keep her from cheating. Let her know how you’re feeling when something happens and also share your thoughts of how you would feel if you knew she was sharing her love with someone else.

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Signs of a Cheating Wife: Tips that You Should Know to Catch Her

Signs of a Cheating Wife

In the case that you have come to terms with the type of man you are, all the wonderful things you are bringing to the table, and have taken all the steps mentioned to prevent her from cheating, but there is still no change, then this should raise some flags. Not every person handles emotions the same way, and by no means does one or all of these mean she is cheating but, they could give reason to your suspicions, making you aware of any need to dig any further to get to the truth.

She’s staying late at work—often

We don’t mean to say that if she is a hard-working woman, she is cheating. Take her job into consideration; is she working on a project that is important to her or maybe working overtime to be able to increase her income? If these are not the cases and you notice that she has changed the way she typically works, you may want to stay aware.

She calls you by another name in bed

It is a huge indicator. Make sure that if this happens, you get down to the root of it before it grows any deeper. Otherwise, it could cause problems with intimacy and trust.

She doesn’t want you to do the laundry

What woman doesn’t like a man who tidies up? If she seems jumpy and keeps insisting that you stay away from the laundry, this could be cause for concern as she could be hiding something.

She doesn’t post pictures of you anymore

This one is a milder sign, but it still requires that you analyze the situation. If she is busy and hasn’t posted anything lately, then this should not raise concerns. However, if she used to take pictures everywhere you go and couldn’t wait to share them, the sudden change may imply that she is keeping something from you.

She’s working out more

No need to put her down if she is on a health kick; it is a time to encourage her. The time to be concerned is if she is working out more and paying less attention to you or becoming less concerned with the time that you spend together.

She’s ignoring you

Women sometimes hold on to their emotions, waiting for the man in their lives to step up and act on them. If you notice that she is ignoring you, try to help her open up and get to the problem as she could be going through a tough time. If this is not the case, and she resists your efforts, the situation could raise a red flag.

Emotional intimacy has faded

If things used to be very spicy in the bedroom and now, they are mild if even that, this could be a telling sign; especially if intimacy has stopped suddenly. It could help to communicate your concern, making sure that there is no physical or medical problem first, and if nothing works out, you will need to start thinking of how to dig a little deeper.

Leaves the room to talk on the phone

If she has been hiding or started becoming very private and sneaky with her phone, this could be a sign she is seeing someone else. If you notice that the number of phone calls she receives has increased and she takes off to a place where she cannot be heard, you may want to keep an eye open for other signs as well.

She’s always on social media

Again, this could be who your wife was when you met her. But if you notice a sudden increase in social media presence, this could be a sign of a cheating wife. If she hides her posts or messages from you or is visiting someone else’s page regularly, you should start being cautious.

She adds password protection her cell phone

A password is always about secrecy. Thus, it may suggest a cheating wife, especially if she chooses not to share the password with you.

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How to Know If Your Wife Is Cheating with a Spy App?

If the signs above check out and you’re burning with suspicion, there are a few options to help you know for sure. Tons of apps out there claim to be the best, offering you the most detailed information from the cell phone of a suspected cheating wife. These apps, however, must be used with caution as their presence can raise other issues within the relationship like trust. Using a spy app, you will have access to all of the most used apps of your wife’s phone, putting your suspicions to rest. Be sure to choose the one that comes with high recommendations, and that also can be hidden on the device not to let her know you had suspicions in the first place.

Get full access to her cell phone

Getting full access to the cell phone depends on the company which she is using, For iPhone users, there is no need to download any apps or purchase any added technologies as iCloud can give you access to all that you’re looking for. To do this, simple enable iCloud backup. You will need access to the phone but for only a very short amount of time. For Android users jailbreaking is necessary though if you can get ahold of the phone, it will be easy.

Check the history of her web browser

Once you have access to your spouse’s cell phone, one way to see what’s been going on behind the screen is to check her web browser. History can be accessed via mobile settings or on the home page of Safari for iPhones. From here, click on history, and you can access the last searches as long as history has not been cleared.

Appropriate track of various activities

With the technology and applications available today, tracking locations can be very simple, telling you with pinpoint accuracy where she is in real-time. This is done when location sharing is activated, and, lucky for you, most of the top applications require this setting to be enabled. Some apps can be customized to alert you of any activity that has been deemed suspicious, making your job a little less stressful during these hard times.

Effective demonstration of all contexts

A spy app will give you full access to context, showing you not only incoming messages but also the outgoing ones from the most popular methods of communication like WhatsApp and SMS. This feature is available for several applications, making it a fairly simple task.

Show location / GPS Location

Getting real-time location with access to the cell phone is simple by using a spy app and only requires that location-sharing is enabled. You can see the real-time location of your wife at all times, making sure that there is nothing out of the ordinary.

Get access to her messengers

Messengers are easily accessed with spy apps, including Facebook, Instagram, and more. The spy app takes the phone’s data and keeps account of all messages, both incoming and outgoing.

Catch a cheating wife on Snapchat

Applications like mSpy give you options to track all activities on the cell phone, including the apps like Snapchat, which are usually more difficult to keep a hold of. You can view all opened messages, ensuring that your wife is not using the famous secret app for more than fun with filters.

Catch a cheating wife on Facebook

Facebook isn’t as difficult as Snapchat but still comes with a lot of security to unlock to get full access. Facebook can be accessed with all of the top spy apps, making it a simple and easy task to spot suspicious activity or messages that were meant to be hidden.

Effective track on the content of the target

If your partner deletes documents, videos, and photos, the app will let you know, making it a super powerful application when cheating is suspected. If you notice strange activity face to face and also with phone usage, you will want to take advantage of this feature.

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6 Reasons Why Married Women Cheat on Their Husbands

When a woman decides to cheat on her husband, there is often a deep-rooted issue involved. While this does not make the fact of cheating OK, it could help you cope with your new-found knowledge of her infidelity. Our psychologists offer many answers to this question, some of which may surprise you.

She feels underappreciated, neglected, or ignored

According to our expert psychologists, this is the number 1 reason why women cheat. Women want to be noticed and complimented by their men, and if you’re not doing it, someone else will.

She craves intimacy

If she is always trying to have a night full of intimacy and you don’t deliver, this could cause issues beyond the surface. Some women begin to feel undesirable to their partner, which makes them even more vulnerable to other men that have an interest.

She is overwhelmed by the needs of others

Women deal with a lot. Today, it is not uncommon for a woman to work and also look after children and cook. While many women handle it perfectly, there are times when the pressure gets too intense. If you don’t notice, maybe a friend or coworker will, providing her with a security that will send her running into their arms.

She is lonely

There are several cases in which women begin to feel lonely, neglected, and unattractive. Make sure that you’re investing time in her, help around the house, and surprise her often. If you have a demanding job, try not to take it out on her.

She’s expecting too much from a primary relationship

Maybe she has a really high expectation that is not being met. This situation can be solved over time if you attempt to ask questions and get to know her to her core. Try to find out what she expects from you and tell her what you want from her.

She does not have enough satisfying sex at home

A satisfied woman is a happy woman and will not go anywhere if you treat her well. Our psychologist suggests spicing things up a bit, thinking outside of the box for the next time you’re intimate. Try buying her lingerie or bring in a fun toy or game and see what excitement awaits.

How to Deal with a Cheating Wife?

Those of you who may be lost and unsure of how to proceed when suspecting your wife of infidelity will need to keep a few things in mind. Here is a step by step guide to dealing with a cheating wife to keep your heart from breaking and for your relationship to remain unharmed.

Remain as calm as possible

Don’t cause a scene; be understanding. Make sure that your suspicions are real before letting your emotions get the best of you.

Gather any kind of evidence

It can be more damaging to accuse your wife as it could damage the trust in your relationship. Make sure that if you are suspicious, you try and gather proof first before mentioning it, this will leave cause for explanation.

Make sure your relationship has been established

Think about the relationship you have with one another; is it a close bond or the one that is just barely blooming? The closer and stronger your bond is, the more likely it is that you will get through these hard times.

Confront her about the issue face-to-face and in private

Don’t hire a camera crew and bust her at dinner; stay calm and keep the issue where it belongs – between you two. It could be great to take a weekend and go somewhere together or maybe go outdoors far away for eyes to see and ears to hear. Such arrangements will create a comfortable atmosphere for her to explain.

Prepare for denial

Most people, when caught, do not admit it. Maybe they haven’t come to terms with it themselves, but this still doesn’t make it right. For this reason having concrete proof is crucial, aiding you when she decides to deny your accusations.

Leave the other person out of it

It is an issue between the two of you, so keep it that way. The other person involved is of no concern; at this time the important things are you, her, your relationship, and its future.

Decide to stay with her or move on

It can be a difficult decision, but still the one that you will need to make. Look how she reacts with the newfound knowledge that you know of her affair, using this as a clue to how you will work through issues in the future. It could be helpful to make a list, weighing your options to stay or move one.

Understand forgiveness and discuss your future together

Things happen, and when it comes to cheating, there can be several reasons behind it. If you are in a strong relationship, the strength and love that you have for one another will last through everything, even a small bump in the road. Forgiveness and understanding are not easy, but together, you can work it out and weigh all options.

Catch a Cheating Wife FAQS: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW


We have discussed the following questions with our family psychologist, attempting to leave you with answers to the questions that might be running in your head. Cheating is a sensitive topic, and it can do a lot of damage, but just know it is not the end of the world, and you will get through it either with your wife or not.

How do you fix a relationship after cheating?

The first thing is to leave the event of cheating at the door. If you want to move on, you need to leave the issue in the pat where it belongs. Try adding activities to your relationship, those that connect you on an emotional level.

My wife has cheated on me, what should I do?

Do not panic and do not act out. The best thing to do is to get your head straight and then figure out what you want. Putting things back to the way they were can be difficult, requiring work from both partners, but it is not impossible.

My wife cheated on me. Should I divorce her or give her one chance?

It depends on so many other factors. It could help to weigh your options, possibly by writing them out on a pros and cons list. If the marriage is worth working on it, forgive her and work on the relationship. But keep in mind that you’ll need time to heal and trust again.

My wife confessed that she cheated on me. I’ve continued in this marriage for our kids. Is it OK if I cheat on her now to get back on her?

It is never a good idea to cheat. Though some will seek revenge, this could do more damage than the initial occurrence. Don’t think about revenge; think about moving on and forward, toward a future with her and your children.

My wife was unfaithful several times; I decided to part with her and she moved out together with her son (not our common child). However, she doesn’t stop calling me, saying that I’m the best and she is very sorry. What should I do? We’ve been together for over one year.

It is a difficult situation that requires a careful response. If she is done with the man she was cheating with and can assure you her faithfulness, then it could be good to give her another chance. Ask yourself if it is worth it and see if you can live without her or not.

My ex-wife cheated on me, but she acts like it’s my fault for the divorce. What am I missing?

A whole whirlwind of emotions surrounds relationships. If your ex-wife is very negative towards you, it could be a good idea to invite her for a coffee or dinner and lay all things out on the table.

I have just found out that my spouse cheated on me with her ex-boyfriend. They continued seeing each other and having sex even after our marriage. I can’t figure out why she did that and what I should do next – part with her or try to get over the betrayal and preserve our relationship?

First, you will need to bring her in on the issue. Let her know how you are feeling and that you know what happened. Maybe things are over, and it was a mistake, or maybe they have something more. Begin by bringing up the issue in a calm manner and try to come to a solution together.

My wife cheated on me because I cheated on her before, and now she wants a divorce, how should I show her that I love her and I want to be with her?

Think back to when she discovered you were cheating; how did she react? Why did she choose to stay? Put yourself in her shoes and try to be open and understanding. Thinking from this point of view, have a talk and weight the options. Tell her how you feel and ask the same of her in return, deciding as one whether to continue the relationship or not.

Should a husband leave his wife if he found out she cheated on him?

It depends on the relationship. If it was solid at the beginning and you still see a potential future, putting work in it could be the best option. However, if you feel love and respect has faded, and your wife will continue in the same manner, it could be the time to move on.

Should I leave my wife with whom we spent 12 years or stay with her if she is a repeated cheater?

Take a good look into your relationship; how do you feel about her? After you answer, confront her and tell her your feelings. Tell her that you want to work it out, but you are not OK and will not deal with another infidelity. If she is willing to work on maintaining the relationship, then stay. But if she is not, it may be time to be sincere to yourself about the fundamental differences in your visions of the relationship and move on.

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