How to hack a Facebook page?

There are 7 most popular ways to hack a Facebook page:

  • To install a spy app, installed on the target device and operating in a stealth mode;
  • “Reset Password” trick provided someone else is your close friend and you can answer the question correctly;
  • To use Keylogger as one of the spyware’s features to view every single keystroke on the target device, including passwords;
  • To use the phishing method which anticipates creating fake emails and websites;
  • To use the Man-in-the-Middle Attack method, which attracts a person to a fake wifi connection and tracks credentials once they log in to Facebook account;
  • To use Facebook Password Extractor that recovers Facebook passwords saved by web browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.)
  • To apply session hijacking or cookie stealing which suggests installing malicious code on the website and stealing session data in the current timeframe.