How To Hack Into A Gmail Account?

Here are the most effective ways to hack into a Gmail account:

  1. Install spyware containing the feature that allows viewing a Gmail account and its content on the target device;
  2. Use a Gmail hacker hidden as a browser extension or add-on on someone’s device;
  3. Fish for IG credentials by creating a website-imitator tracking all input data;
  4. Access the account by using the recovery option;
  5. Hack into a website with this person as a member to find their data specifically;
  6. Use the Keylogger feature as a part of the spy app to get logs of every keystroke on the target device, including a password to a IG account.
  7. Use programs that get control over the device and any activity on it (like Trojan horse), including social media one.

Note: The safest way to hack into a Gmail account is still considered to be spyware since it is undetectable and safe for both – a hacker and a target.