How to hack someone’s Gmail?

Here are the 6 most popular methods to hack someone’s Gmail:

  1. Gmail hacker as a fake browser extension or add-on created by hackers to get access to someone’s device;
  2. fishing for passwords secretly by imitating the same Gmail page and intercepting credentials;
  3. Answering correctly the security question to get the recovery option for the forgotten secret word and that way get access to an account (works for closest friends);
  4. Pure data theft: a hacker cracks a website where a target person is a member and steals their data. Since most people often use the same credentials, it makes easy for hackers to find out the Gmail’s one;
  5. Keylogger feature as a part of a spy app which records every single keystroke on devices, including passwords;
  6. Programs aka trojan horses that control someone’s device and tracks everything they do, so hackers can see all the logged information.