How To Install Flexispy On The Target Phone?

To install Flexispy on a target phone, first, you need to know its operating system since the installation varies for Android, iOS, Blackberry, Nokia, etc.

For Android, for example, you need to take a phone and make it available for accepting applications from unknown sources. Or, the version of Android might ask rooting – a method of voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.

For iOS, you need to know the iCloud credentials and enable the iCloud backup. Moreover, the target handset might ask the 2-factor authentication.

The Flexispy service needs to help users get around this obstacle. Or, the version of the iOS device could be a subject for jailbreaking – the method of voiding the warranty for Apple devices. In this case scenario, there’s another approach toward the installation.

The most reasonable way to find out how to install Flexispy on a particular target phone is to go to its official site and get assistance at every single step.