How to install spy software on a cell phone remotely?

Before installing spy software on a cell phone remotely, you need to understand – the process differs for iOS and Android devices.

To set up on Android, you need to have physical access to a device. Here are the next steps:

1. Enable Unknown Sources in Settings.
2. Disable Scan device for security threats.
3. Purchase software and register within its system.
4. Log in to its account where the Control Panel or Dashboard shows up.
5. Follow the installation instructions.
6. Hide or leave the icon on the target’s home screen.
7. Get in touch with customer care if necessary.

To set up on iOS, you need to know the target’s iCloud Credentials. The following steps are:

1. Activate the target’s iCloud backup.
2. Buy the app and register within the system.
3. Log in to its account.
4. Enter Apple ID of the target device.
5. Follow the setup instructions.
6. Reach out to the customer care team if needed.

Note: The aforementioned method does not require the jailbreak. Old-school spy apps or iOS 6 < versions might suggest jailbreaking. Is that’s your case, feel free to contact a related support team which will walk you through the process of jailbreak.