How to install WebWatcher on Android?

Prerequisites before the installation:

1. Disable Scan device for security threats on Child device:

  • Open Play Store app and tap 3-line icon in the left top corner
  • Find Play Protect and toggle off scanning
  • Make sure afterward it shows Full scanning turned off

2. Switch on Unknown Sources on Child device in Settings > Lock Screen and Security Page (if required).

The installation process:

Step 1: In Child device, enter the URL in Google Chrome and download the app.

Step 2: Pick Install and Open to set up the app (please, do not click Done yet).

Step 3: From Child device, pick Child’s if prompted.

Step 4: You’ll be asked to log in to your WebWatcher account.

Step 5: Click Activate Now on the following pages and turn on WWChildApp each time:

  • Activate App Supervision
  • Activate Device Administrator
  • Activate Screen Capture

Note: After checked boxes ask you Don’t show again, click it!

Step 6: Click Start Now

Note: Click Yes if they ask you to Do not optimize battery usage and Let app always run in the background.

Step 7: Click OK Got it! on the page Viewing Recorded Data.

Step 8: Click Hide App on the Hide App page.

Warning! Do not forget to close the browser page with the link and make sure you cleaned the browser history.