Catch a Cheating Spouse: How to Prevent Cheating with Spy App?

Marital infidelity has been around for ages. However, it’s increasing with time and getting high-tech as technology advances. How do you catch a cheating spouse you are suspecting? What options are there to help you validate your question marks regarding their marital fidelity? In this post, you will discover how a spy app can assist you in catching him cheating. You will also learn about other ways you can utilize to catch a cheating partner.

3 Common Reasons People Cheat and What the Psychology of Cheating Is


Spouses cheat for many varying reasons. In this section, you will discover some of them. Before examining them all, here are the three most common ones affecting modern marriages:

  • Prevalent sexual immorality and degradation. Increased sexual looseness has exposed many spouses to cheating because they enter marriage, unable to keep faith with one person.
  • Sexual incompatibility. Increased frigidity and impotence among spouses are fueling dissatisfaction in many marriage beds. Consequently, incontinent spouses are forced to stray and get satisfying sex elsewhere.
  • Materialism. Harsh economic times propelled by ridiculous materialism are driving spouses of both sexes into cheating.

Relationship Reasons

Unresolved relational problems in a marriage can accidentally plunge one into a stranger’s bosom. For example, a man with a rude and ever-nagging wife can easily end up in another woman’s bed. Also, a wife with a cruel and negligent husband can easily fall into a sexual trap unless she’s careful.

They Want More Sexual Partners

The prevalent sexual tradition promoted in mass media has made many people believe they are free to offer their bodies to anyone at will. Unfortunately, it becomes a tendency that makes it impossible for one person to satisfy them sexually, leading to infidelity.

Situational Factors

Situational factors are many and can compromise one’s marital fidelity. For instance, sexual advances on a spouse who has stayed away from their partner for a long time can greatly compromise their resistance power unless they are highly covenanted and principled.

Psychological Facts About Cheating


Cheating is one of the most common cases psychologists handle among married couples. In an age when marriage is quickly becoming an endangered species, marriage counselors and psychologists are grappling with alarming figures. Below are some astounding research-based statistics and facts regarding this behavior:

  1. About 98% of men and 80% of women admit they occasionally fantasize about sleeping with other people.
  2. In the USA, the number of spouses who confess they cheat lies between 1 in 4 and 1 in 5 (20-
  3. Most studies report that women are less likely to concede cheating than men. However, rates of unfaithfulness among men remain constant while they have increased by 40% among women in the last fifty years.
  4. Most unfaithful spouses cheat with people they know well.
  5. Spouses cheat for different reasons (see the ones we have discussed above).
  6. People have different parameters for defining unfaithfulness. For instance, about 1 in 10 people do consider watching porn a form of cheating.
  7. Spouses cheat in both in stable and troubled relationships, though those in rocky ones do it more.
  8. Marital infidelity is addictive, with cheating spouses being more likely to stray again. Studies reveal that spouses who cheat in previous relationships are three-and-a-half times as more likely to stray than those who don’t.
  9. Cheating is very risky. Research shows that most cheaters don’t use protection, thus indicating they are not usually prepared for the illicit act, and hence, are more exposed to STIs.
  10. The risk of cheating in married couples increases and decreases as they go through different chronological stages of their marriages.

How to Track Cheating Spouse Cell Phone: What Can the Spy App Do For You?

Smartphone abuse is causing many spouses’ sleepless nights. If you are one of them, then you don’t need to kill yourself worrying about your spouse’s fidelity. With a spy app, you can beat them in their own game and discover everything they do secretly. Here are smart and effective in which ways you can use it to discover a cheating spouse.

GPS Location Tracking


Is your spouse an Albert Einstein follower who believes they can’t be in a “particular location at any given time?” Maybe your spouse is one such person who believes they never “go anywhere” even when they are conspicuously missing physically? If they never tell you where they go in particular or general, then use a spy app to trace their locations. Such a tool will show you where they actually went when they say they flew out of town or state to “meet key clients and prospects.” You may be shocked to discover that those “business meetings” in the neighboring town or state actually happened in your neighborhood, but the bitter truth is better than sweet lies, isn’t it?

Phone Call Recording


Phone calls are favorite communication tools that cheating spouses use. However, their cheating instinct tells them they should be discreet and delete all their conversations to avoid detection. A spy tool makes you the smarter one in the game because deleting calls is like replacing the label on a milk bottle and expecting it to become juice! Such an app can record all their conversations 24/7 and store them on your online control panel. After completing your investigation, you can use it as solid evidence to confront your straying spouse.

View all WhatsApp Chat Conversations


WhatsApp is another popular tool for cheating among spouses. Just like text messages, cheaters are too discreet to let those illicit conversations remain on their devices. However, you can use a spy tool to catch them even after deleting their illicit conversations. It allows you to discover all their incoming or outgoing videos, photos, and messages.

SMS Spying


Are you still interested in catching him cheating? Then pay attention to his SMS conversations as SMS is still a popular mobile communication tool. Perhaps you may feel dejected since cheaters have also become smart enough to know when and where to send or receive text messages. They are also too smart in the cheating game not to delete all suspicious chats. However, an advanced spying tool will enable you to access deleted text messages via its control panel.

Contact Log Spy


If your cheating spouse thinks they are clever enough to deny you access to their contact logs, don’t worry. The spying software enables you to access all of them easily and anytime you want, without needing to call a million contacts asking for their identity.

Alerts and Notifications


You can also catch your errant spouse by tracking alerts and notifications. Spy apps help to detect their cheating behavior even if they think they are clever enough to keep switching the SIM cards.

Track Internet Browsing History


Tracking your spouse’s Internet browsing history is another way to catch a cheating partner. You can monitor all the online communications they have with their underground lovers. Don’t worry about deleted Web browsing logs as a reliable spy app can restore the data. Moreover, you can track them both online and offline.

Using Other Methods to Spy on Your Cheating Spouse

Besides using a spy app to catch a cheating partner, you can use other means to catch them. Here are some of them.

Count the Miles

If your spouse drives from home to work and you can accurately calculate the mileage, then use an odometer to catch them. If you notice that his/her car parks outside their office the whole day, and yet, their mileage grossly exceeds the reasonably estimated mileage, then they are visiting some other places without informing you.

Pay Particular Attention to Your Spouse’s Friends

Ancient sages said, “Show me your friends, and I will show you who you are.” If your spouse keeps close friends with suspicious people or cheaters, then you need to be suspicious. Why? Because all close human relationships have a moral and spiritual influence—good or bad. You can’t expect your husband to remain sober and responsible while his best friends abandon their families for girls younger than their own daughters.

Study History

You can also catch them if you notice a certain number calling them for a protracted period. If your spouse withdraws when such phone calls come through, then you need to study the call log history. If they have blocked it to hide evidence, then you can access it through an online portal.

Watch for Changes in Behavior

Sudden or gradual behavior change is another way of catching a cheating spouse. Here are some of the behavior changes you should observe:

  • Withdrawal. First, a cheating spouse will withdraw from you. You will notice an emotional withdrawal, or they may avoid having intimate moments or conversations with you. Moreover, they will start disappearing without notifying you of where they are going and why.
  • Reduced interest in sex. Some spouses lose interest in sex when they are cheating. Notice the term “some” because others are smart enough to continue with their routine sexual duties. However, you need to look for other underlying causes for this change because some medical conditions can also cause reduced libido.
  • Unusual generosity. Some men suddenly become generous donors and flood their wives with gifts to blindfold them to their new cheating escapades. However, be careful not to misinterpret all such behavior since they could signal a genuine change of heart in your spouse. For instance, if a drinking man who was irresponsible reforms and becomes responsible again, he could still rechannel those funds to gifts as he seeks to please his long-neglected wife. So, respond maturely and carefully since any open suspicion could backfire.
  • Reduced family interest. Again, you need to be careful with this behavior since other unknown factors may also cause it. For example, a man can lose interest in the family if his wife is rude and disrespectful towards him. Also, personal challenges in men can make them lose interest. Unlike women who easily confide in their husbands, most men will only do it as a last resort.
  • “Don’t touch my phone” syndrome. If you notice this sudden behavior change in your spouse, you don’t need prayers to know what is happening. The person is hiding evidence in that gadget.
  • A sudden flush of secrecy. Has your spouse become unreasonably secretive? Do they act as if you owe them all the information while you don’t have the same right? Then they are hiding infidelity. They are asking excess questions to know if you are suspecting them and blocking you to hide their errant ways.
  • Strange fragrance. Is he smelling a different fragrance from the one he uses at home? If he does, then he is cheating.
  • Lipstick marks. If you notice some coloring on his tops, you need to smell a rat; he is cheating on you.

Catch Him/Her in the Act

If you want to do it manually, you can still catch a straying partner, even in the very act. Why? Because all cheating happens behind its victim’s back. Therefore, you can make an impromptu tour of your suspected spouse’s office or return home unexpectedly. If they are hiding something, they will express anger and surprise about your sudden appearance. If they are innocent, you will still see it in their actions and facial responses.

Final Thoughts

Cheating in marriages is a painful reality bedeviling millions of spouses around the world. However, most of the time, the innocent spouses always catch a cheating spouse. Moreover, technology enables millions of spouses to validate their suspicions and catch their errant partners. Now you can take advantage of many effective spying tools to discover your spouse’s secret dealings – or to discover that they are innocent without ruining the trust and love with suspicions and open accusations.

Catch a Cheating Spouse FAQS: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW

For the many years in the spying services, we have studied leading cheating tracking apps and conducted a private consultation with a family psychologist to collect the most popular user inquiries. Here we respond to your questions based on their insights.

What causes a person to cheat?

Spouses cheat for various reasons. For example, some people (men and women) cheat for materialistic reasons. Others cheat for emotional reasons when they end up with a stronger emotional attachment with other men or women at the expense of their spouses. Sexual incompatibility is also a major challenge due to increased cases of frigid women and impotence among men.

How do you fix a relationship after cheating?

Two initial responses are necessary from the two parties—confession and forgiveness. If the offender confesses to their cheating and the offended partner forgives them, then the deal is over halfway done. Afterward, the couple needs to identify cheating causes and support each other to avoid slipping back into errant ways. Overall, love should lead the way after the reconciliation process.

What is the percentage of cheating couples?

It’s hard to give an absolute figure because it depends on several variants such as location and age group. However, we have a general consensus that men still lead women in the cheating game though women are catching up faster. For instance, out of over 33,000 surveillance cases Martin PI conducted, 80 percent of the clients were men.

Is flirting cheating?

From a moral standpoint and the marriage covenant, it is cheating in its initial stages. Initially, it might seem innocent, but you should put yourself in your spouse’s shoes. If you found them flirting with other men or women, would you clap for them? If you won’t approve it, then respect your moral conscience and avoid it for your spouse’s sake.

How do I get over my guilt of cheating?

First, guilt is a positive response that makes you take responsibility for your actions. Turn it into a tool to keep you off the wrong path. Also, you need to accept yourself and your spouse’s forgiveness and realize that you are a worthy human being not letting your past failures and wrongdoings imprison you.

How do you fix a relationship after cheating?

After catching a cheating spouse, the guilty party should be honest and humble enough to ask for forgiveness for betraying the marriage covenant. Afterward, the offended party should support the offender to recover and overcome their betraying behavior by seeking spiritual or professional help. If their behavior or irresponsibility pushed their spouse into the act, then they too should reform to avoid a relapse of the betrayal.

How do you move on from cheating?

You can move on as long as the two of you have determined to salvage your marriage. First, the cheating spouse needs to admit and apologize for breaking trust and betraying their life partner. Second, the betrayed spouse needs to forgive the straying spouse and reassure them of unconditional acceptance. Lastly, the couple should seal all the loopholes that caused the betrayal.

Is it true that women cheat for emotional reasons?

It is mostly true, but women also cheat for other reasons besides emotions. For example, some of them cheat due to sexual dissatisfaction or incompatibility in their marriage beds. Other women also cheat as a form of revenge on their cheating husbands while others cheat for materialistic reasons. Don’t forget that some cheat simply because they’re unprincipled.

Is it true that women cheat due to a failure to communicate?

There is no straight “yes” or “no” answer because communication failure in itself does not cause infidelity. Instead, it is an underlying current the outcome of which depends on how one responds to it. If a woman seeks unbridled attention from other men, it can lead to an imbalanced emotional connection that can slowly and accidentally turn into an illicit affair.

She’s Cheating Because She’s Left Unsatisfied: What about statistics?

As sad as it sounds, the number of men failing to satisfy their wives is rising, thus leading to cheating among women. Most studies reveal that men are more likely to admit infidelity than women. However, although the number of cheating married men has remained almost stable over time, it has increased by 40% among women in the last fifty years.

Women are more likely to go online to find a lover than men. Why is this happening?

Yes, women are more exposed to online friendships compared to men. Why? Because the Internet, due to dating and social media sites, promises “true love” and “emotional satisfaction” that most women crave. Inversely, it is hard to convince men with empty “true love” promises because they are on the giving end. Instead, men are more likely to fall for bodily pleasure and leisure from desperate women seeking love.

Women get emotional when cheating. Is it true or false?

Women are indeed more likely to engage the emotional gear as they race into a cheating relationship. When this happens, they find themselves in a trap while seeking the missing emotional connection in their marriages. So, the answer depends on strength of the illicit emotional attachment and a woman’s response to emotional bankruptcy.

Women cheat to force breakups. What do psychologists think about it?

These cases are extreme and rare when the woman wants another man for material gain, and she has no valid ground to leave the relationship. Alternatively, such women force breakups when the relationships are totally unbearable due to other non-cheating irreparable factors such as abuse, neglect, and complete emotional breakdown.