How to spy on Android phone without having the phone?

Do you believe the Internet if it says you can spy on Android phone without having the phone? It is actually the truth but first you have to install spyware on it, which requires one-time physical access to a target device. Once you took a phone and set up software on it, you don’t need to take it again to spy on its activities. Here’s how it works.

When filling in the billing information and registering within the service, a user gets an online account. This is the place where they check the data delivered from an Android phone by spyware. So, when willing to view some data about the handset (GPS location, calls, SMS, Viber chats, etc.), a user logs in into it any time from any device and views what they need. That way, it is possible to be on another continent and still be able to spy on Android phone and get updates.