How To Spy On Girlfriend And Spot The Signs She Is Using Her Phone To Cheat

Being cheated on feels terrible, but you know what is arguably even worse? Thinking you’ve been cheated on. If you know for sure, you can deal with it, move on, make up, whatever is right for you, but when you just have a feeling that something is going on, it can drive you mad. It takes up your all your time, wondering if you have a cheating girlfriend. Then you start looking for ways to spy on girlfriend and it begins to consume you.

This is not just for new relationships either, where you are just starting out and haven’t built a lot of trust. It is easier to end up in this situation in such a new relationship, but for those in longer term situations, you can get a feeling something isn’t right.


You may have an idea that something is not quite right and that you may have a cheating girlfriend. Deciding to spy on girlfriend can feel weird, but the reality is that it is better to know for sure, but for most of us who are new to this situation, that is not as simple as it may seem.

The thing is, if she is cheating, just accusing her will not end well. She will deny it, and as a cheater is already lying to you, she will be good at it. This ends up with you feeling even worse, and even more confused. No, the only way to approach this is to find proof and then confront her. But finding proof can be a challenge.

After all, what is it that you should look for? How do you know what may be suspicious? How can you spy on girlfriend without getting caught? Here are some insights in how to spot a cheating girlfriend, what to look for and what it means.

Initial signs of a cheating girlfriend

That feeling that something is wrong doesn’t just appear by itself, it is usually a subconscious thing, your brain has noticed changes in behavior that you haven’t really given much thought to, and it’s trying to tell you. As we lead busy lives, it’s very easy to miss the signs, and sometimes, see something a bit unusual, and then get distracted and dismiss it as nothing.

Without needing to spy on girlfriend to spot them, there are some things that can give you a clue that things may not be right. If it’s a newer relationship, and she suddenly seems to be making excuses not to see you, there may be a problem.


Now, sometimes she will be genuinely busy, so don’t assume that if you go a few days without seeing each other she is definitely cheating. Instead, look for patterns of behavior. For instance, if you are planning a night out more than a few days away, and she keeps making excuses, maybe there is something to look at further.

Absence of intimacy

For those with more established relationships, where you live together, or at least spend lots of time in each other’s homes, there are other signs. If she suddenly starts buying lots of new outfits, more than normal, she maybe trying to make an impression on someone else. Likewise, if she rejects any intimacy, not just sex, but even relaxing together on the couch watching a movie, then that is a good sign that there is a problem.

Unwilling to make plans

If you ask her about the future, for instance, making vacation plans for the summer, or what you are going to do during the holidays, does she avoid answering? When she can’t or won’t make any plans, there is probably a problem.
However, in all these situations, all you have is an idea that you may have a cheating girlfriend.

No proof, no real idea of what she is doing, and to bring it all to a head you need both. When you have a reason to think something is going on though, that is the time to investigate ways to spy on girlfriend to discover what she is doing.

How to spy on girlfriend phone use

If you suspect your girlfriend of cheating, there are usually some signs that you can look for. The best place to start is her phone, as she will have to be communication with the other person in some way. Whether that is talking, texting or chatting, chances are, she is using her phone to do it. There are a few things to look for:

The Cell Phone Bill

This one is useful for those in longer term relationships where you live together, or if you share a phone plan. This is a relatively easy way to spy on girlfriend, just go through the bill and look for repeated texts to an unfamiliar number.
Maybe it shows a long call or phone use when they were supposedly doing something and out of contact with you. For instance, if your partner says she is going to the gym for a couple of hours and she won’t have her phone, and the bill shows texting or talking during that time, it could be a sign of a problem.

There are tools out there that help you reverse search numbers, so if there is a phone number appearing regularly that you don’t recognize, it is possible to find out who owns it. In this way, the bill can show you she was lying about being out of touch, and who it is she was talking too. This is not conclusive proof of a cheating girlfriend, but it is a quick way to get an idea of what is going on.

Phone Apps

Even if you haven’t been together long, chances are you will know their social media accounts and most of the people they are friends with and talk to regularly through them. If you can get access to the phone, when she is in the shower or something, look for additional social media accounts that she is keeping secret from you or new friends that she talks to a lot. See what those new friends are up to, what they say about her, it may show you some proof of what is going on.

Look for apps from dating sites too. In general, that is a bad sign, and if she is not cheating right now, she is probably planning to. You can be sure if eh has set up profiles on dating apps, then she probably is not looking to stay faithful.

Second Phone/Spy App To Catch A Cheating Girlfriend


While going through her phone to spy on girlfriend can show you contacts and conversations that reveal what she is up to, many people today are more devious. Instead, they get a second phone just to use for their cheating, with completely separate email and social media accounts. It is like having a second life, sperate from the one with you.

Finding a second phone will usually give you all the proof you need she is a cheating girlfriend. However, finding the phone may not be straightforward. Anyone that goes to this much trouble to cheat, will be doing their best to keep it hidden as well. Find it though, and you will likely have all the proof that she is a cheating girlfriend that you need.

Catch A Cheating Girlfriend


Of course, planning to spy on girlfriend is not something any of us would enjoy, but to put an end to the issue you really do need to find that proof. What happens next is between you both. Some couples can work it out and stay together, for others it’s the end.

Whatever happens, knowing the truth is always better than living with the unknown, always wandering what she is doing. That is not healthy for anyone, and whether it means the end of the relationship or a new start, you really are better off knowing for sure.