How to spy on text messages on Android?

Text messages is a private thing. But spyware allows anyone to spy on text messages on Android. It is a tracking application that is installed on the target device and logs SMS of the phone’s owner. Meantime, they don’t know about it.
Usually, all spy apps represented in the monitoring market track SMS. Here’s the general process of how to get started with the app:

  1. Amid multiple apps in the market, select the most convenient one;
  2. Prepare a target device (explained on the app’s website);
  3. Purchase software and sign in for the service;
  4. Get an online account and log in to it (during the signing in);
  5. Find the Wizard setup panel and follow the installation instructions.

Note: the process of installation may vary for different spy apps.

  1. After the installation, log in to the account again and hit the control panel;
  2. Start spying on text messages.