How to spy on text messages without installing on a target phone for free?

Here are a few possible ways to spy on text messages:

  • For AT&T phone owners, it’s possible to see the history of all the text messages and the numbers over the billing period;

Note: Google Voice helps receive and read text messages from users’ online accounts by associating the phone with a Google Voice number. Thus, when someone sends an SMS to that number, it is visible on a Google Voice account online.

  • For Verizon users, there’s a program Verizon Smart Family. Within it, one sends Verizon messages, and another can read them.

These are options that do not suggest the installation on the target device. They are free as per se. However, viewing someone’s messages is quite limited.

But the most effective way to spy on text messages is to use spyware. It requires the installation. The service is paid.