How to spy on your girlfriend?

To spy on your girlfriend seems unclear? But it is possible for tech dummies as well as for tech-savvy people. How so? The only surest and effective way to do it is to set up spyware on her handset. It works in the background. Also, there’s no risk of being caught since a target person doesn’t see it. How to spy on your girlfriend step-by-step?

  1. Decide on what exactly you want to know (SMS, iMessages, calls, etc.);
  2. Find spyware with the ability you need;
  3. Purchase it and register to get an online account;
  4. Make sure you can prepare the target device for the installation;
  5. Log in to your account and follow the installation instructions;
  6. Log in again and hit the control panel or dashboard (in the same account);
  7. Start spying on your girlfriend.