How To Track A Cell Phone Without Them Knowing In 2019

Today, every contemporary person can say that a mobile phone is their best friend. So, we carry our mobile phone with us everywhere at work, at home, in the bedroom, and so on. It stores our the biggest secrets and helps us in the most curious situations. However, the more technologies develop, the more different threats appear, including cyber bullying, hacking, sexting, and so on.
Therefore, in order to protect us and our children from these threats, we need to use additional software. Let’s consider, how we can do this in the most reliable way!

How Facebook Messenger can Hide Secrets Conversations?

On Facebook, there is a possibility to create one-to-one secret chats encrypted. Only one person who receives these messages can read them. In addition, you can set up a timer on every message. This means that this message will exist to the moment you set up on a timer. The Signal Protocol lays in the base of Secret Messages on Facebook.

In other words, Secret Conversations provide end-to-end encryption. Signal Protocol is implemented in the opensource libsignal-protocol-java and libsignal-protocol-c libraries of the Facebook Messanger.

However, you need to know that Secret Conversations are available only on iPhone and Android. This means that if you enter your account on Facebook on your laptop, you won’t see this conversation.

If you decided to use Secret Conversation in Facebook Messanger on iPhone, then you need to follow these steps:

  1. Open Facebook messenger.
  2. Tap Secret in the top right corner.
  3. Select people who you want to chat with.
  4. Also, you can set a timer to make messages temporary.

Why People Need To Track A Cell Phone Without Them Knowing?

There is a huge number of reasons to track somebody’s phone remotely without them knowing. Today, it’s possible due to various technologies providing people with a huge number of abilities. You can install one of these apps on your iOS or Android devices. In this article, you will find out how to track somebody’s device without them knowing in different ways and will be able to choose the best one for you.



So, the first who needs to track somebody’s device is worrying parents. Let’s consider why parents need to track a cell phone of their children. There is a huge number of reasons to supervise children and the first reason to track your child’s device is cyber safety.

Today, people invest millions of dollars in the cybercrime industry. Children are developing and absorb new information every day. That’s why children are the most sensitive to cyberbullying. They can be easily involved in different risky online communication that can harm them. Thus, parents need to track their children’s location, messages, and activities on social networks, including posted photos and videos, added friends, and likes.

One more important reason to track a cell phone is time management. Parental control apps provide parents with the possibility to track how much time their children spend on studying, sleeping, browsing, chatting, and so on. They allow blocking or restricting the use of the app and the Internet in order to enhance children’s performance. In addition, the overtime use of mobile phones can impact negatively child’s health and cause poor eyesight, inadequate sleep, and lack of physical activity. That’s why parental apps were invented.

One more important reason to track a cell phone of your child is monitoring the social network’s activities of your child. Contemporary children and teenagers like flood social networks with different posts, photos, and videos from their private life. Cyber bullies gather all this information and use it against children. That’s why it’s very important to check your kid’s security and privacy settings in social networks.


Today, employee monitoring is very popular among different businesses. This process allows tracking employee activities and monitoring worker engagement with workplace. Monitoring apps help employers to control their employee’s activities at the workplace, enhance the level of their performance, and ensure data security.

By using monitoring apps, businesses can manage access of employees to sensitive information and track which files they use, change, create, and delete.

Due to the monitoring apps, businesses can monitor around 100 percent of their activities:

  • Email;
  • Computer screen recording;
  • Phone use;
  • GPS tracking;
  • Video/audio surveillance, and so on.


Sometimes, when people have relationships or get married, one of the partners or both of them can cheat on each other or flirt with other people. When there isn’t trust in their relationships, people can check each other. How to check whether one of the partners is cheating on another one or no?

In order to check whether your partner is honest in the relationships or no, you can install a monitoring app on your target device and track all the activities of your cheating spouse. You will get to know where your spouse spends time after work, who he/ she chats with for hours via instant messengers, and so on.

How to track a phone powered by Android without them knowing?

It’s easy to track a cheating spouse, children or employees by using different spying apps. You can install a spy app on your target device and hide it on the screen of the target device. For this, initially, you need physical access to your target device or get to know iCloud credentials of your partner, if he/ she is an owner of iPhone.

After the installation of the monitoring app, you will be able to monitor all the activities of your target person, including GPS location, messages sent and received, email, call logs, and so on. In addition, by using the benefits of parental control apps, parents can manage the time of the use of their children’s apps and enhance the performance of their children.

Top 3 Spy Apps That Can Track Someone’s iPhone Without Them Knowing

So, you can browse the Internet and find a lot of monitoring apps that offer a lot of benefits and provide users with different spying features. However, how to choose the most reliable ones from them? In this review, I will provide you with the best spying apps. Here we go!


When it comes to the choice of the most suitable spying app for you, pay your attention to mSpy. This is an undetectable app that provides users with a huge amount of benefits. After the installation and activation of the app, the icon will disappear from the screen of the target device.

Thus, your cheating spouse will never find out that you have installed a spying app on their device. In addition, one more benefit provided by mSpy app is a possibility to install the app without rooting. Due to all its benefits, mSpy is one of the most popular apps on the market today.

MSpy is compatible with iOS and Android and can boast of an easy-to-use interactive panel that allows users to view all the activities of the target person retrieved from their phone. By using mSpy app, you get access to all the activities of your cheating spouse or underage child without them knowing, including GPS location, messages, call logs, browsing history, used apps, and so on.


MobileSpy is one more monitoring app compatible with Android, iOS, and Blackberry. It provides users with a huge number of monitoring features, including viewing text messages, monitoring GPS location, receiving call logs, monitoring social media activities, and so on.

MobileSpy offers its users Online Demo that allows trying all the benefits of the app before its purchasing. In addition, you can try all the features of the app with a free 7-day trial. At the end of this period, you can either buy a license or uninstall the app.

MobileSpy is developed for monitoring your underage child or employee. It’s not suitable for monitoring your spouse or another person secretly because a notification will appear on the screen of the target device.


Cocospy offers its users both a free and paid version. It allows monitoring all the activities of your target person without them knowing, including viewing messages, tracking call logs, used apps, GPS location, and so on. The app is compatible with iOS and Android.

After the installation of the app on the target device, you will be able to monitor all the social network’s activities of your child or cheating spouse without them knowing, including Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, and so on. The Cocospy app retrieves all the information about social network’s activities and sends it to the Control Panel, where an owner of the app can view everything.

The app works in the Stealth Mode. Therefore, it allows tracking GPS location and SMS absolutely secretly. Here are the items provided by the Cocospy stealth mode:

  1. Tracking GPS location in real-time for a monitored device;
  2. Monitoring SMS and chat messages remotely;
  3. Viewing time stamp details.

Is it Legal?

It’s legal to use parental control apps for monitoring your underage children. In addition, you can install the monitoring app on your own device. If you monitor a device of your spouse or employee, you need to get written permission from that person. You carry the responsibility for illegal use of the app on your own according to the law of the country or state where you live. If you have additional questions about the use of the monitoring app, you need to visit a local attorney.

How To Install All These Spy Apps? 3 Easy Steps

Let’s consider three easy steps that you need to follow in order to start monitoring somebody’s device:

  1. The first you need to do is to purchase a spy app. For this, you need to choose one of the subscriptions and confirm a transaction. After that, you get an installation instruction in your email.
  2. Download a spy app and install it on the target device.
  3. Start monitoring. Log in to your Control Panel and start monitoring all the activities of your target person, including monitoring SMS, messages, GPS location, call logs, and so on.