How To Track An iPhone Of My Daughter? Try These 5 Best Methods

When the kids are young, parents can enjoy their presence and be sure they are fine. But the moment they get older and leave the parents’ home, you stop controlling their lives. Luckily, there are tools, which can help to keep the child closer. With Find My iPhone and similar apps, you can easily track an iPhone of your daughter or son who isn’t around.

Staying informed about your child’s every movement is easy. Find out five no-fuss methods to track an iPhone and locate your kid in this post

Use Find My iPhone App To Track Your Daughter’s iPhone

Find My iPhone is an inbuilt app from Apple, which allows locating the iOS device instantly. The app is usually installed on all the iPhones. But some older version of iOS may not have the Find My iPhone. In such a case, you need to download it from the App Store.
Once you downloaded the app, go to the Settings of your iPhone to turn the app on. Here, tap iCloud and enter your Apple ID password. Then tap the Find My iPhone and switch both sliders to On. Once the indicator turns green, the app will be enabled.
Find My iPhone helps to track an iPhone of anyone who allows sharing their location.

Find My iPhone allows you to:

  • Locate the device on a map. The app reflects the real-time location of your iPhone on the map. If you want to track an iPhone of your daughter or son, you need to set up Family Sharing. Read how to enable Family Sharing and track your kid’s iPhone below.
  • Play a sound. If you think you lose the device nearby, you can play a sound on it to find it. If the device is online, it will vibrate and play a sound for two minutes.
  • Lock the device with the lost mode. Lost mode allows locking your lost device to prevent data exposure. Once you the device is in lost mode, you can also track its location on
  • Erase all the data remotely. To protect your data, even more, you can erase all your content on the lost device remotely. Go to and select the device you want to delete the data on.
  • Enable Activation Lock. Activation Lock allows you to protect your device and possibly, recover it. With Activation Lock enabled on your iPhone, you will prevent someone from reactivating your device.

Please, note that to use Find My iPhone on, you should sign in with your Apple ID on

How To Track An iPhone With Family Sharing

Family Sharing is one of the useful benefits for families who want to stay informed about each other’s activities. Family Sharing allows people to share iTunes, Apple Books as well as App Store purchases. Up to six family members can use the same iCloud storage plan. A family can also share a photo album and calendar. The real benefit of Family Sharing is that anyone from the family can locate each other’s missing phones.

How does family sharing work? The organizer needs to set up the Family and invite the members to the group. Anyone from the family can be the organizer. As soon as family members accept the invitations, Family Sharing is set up on all the devices.

Follow the instructions to start a family group on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch:

  1. Go to Settings and tap your Apple ID. For iOS 10.2, go to Settings and tap iCloud.
  2. Tap Set Up Family Sharing and tap Get Started. Adhere ton onscreen instructions to set up the family and add group members.
  3. For iOS 11 or later, select the feature you’d like to share with the family. Adhere to instructions that appear and invite group members using iMessage.

To set up Family Sharing on your Mac, follow the steps:

  1. Select Apple menu and move to System Preferences.
  2. Click iCloud.
  3. Select Set Up Family.
  4. Adhere to onscreen instructions.

Once you set up the Family Sharing, you can request your family members to join. How to invite group members to join Family Sharing? Any iPhone user can enable the Family Sharing feature on their device. If you and your family members use iOS 8 and later (OS X Yosemite and later), you can add anyone with Apple ID to your family group. Children under 13 years old can’t create an Apple ID. But, as a family organizer, you can create an Apple ID for them to allow the child to join the family group and use Family Sharing.

To set up a family group on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, follow the steps:

  • Go to Settings and tap your Apple ID.
  • Tap Family Sharing. For iOS 10.2 or earlier, go to Settings, tap iCloud and Family.
  • Tap Add Family Member.
  • Provide a family member’s name or e-mail address. Then adhere to onscreen instructions.
  • For iOS 11 or later, decide whether you want to send an invitation via Messages or invite a family member in person. Follow the instructions that appear.

To invite a family member on your Mac, follow the instructions:

  • Select Apple menu and move to System Preferences.
  • Click iCloud and Manage Family.
  • Click + and follow the instructions that appear.

If your family member is near you, they can provide their Apple ID password to accept the invitation on your device. But they can also join the group on their device. If you own several Apple IDs in iTunes, you can add each of the accounts to the family group. You will be able to share purchases from several IDs with your family.

How to check whether a family member accepted the invitation? You can see the invitation status, once it is sent. To check the invitation status on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, go to Settings. Tap your Apple ID. Then tap Family Sharing. For iOS 10.2 or earlier, go to Settings and tap iCloud, and then tap Family.
If you want to view the status on your Mac, select your Apple menu. Here, move to System Preferences and click Manage Family. Click on the person’s name to view the invitation status. Click Resend the invitation, if you need to make sure the request is sent.

How To Find A Family Member’s Lost iPhone

If you agree to share your location, your family member will always be able to locate your device. To enable location sharing, go to Settings. Here tap your Apple ID and then iCloud. Turn on Share My Location. Since the location sharing is enabled, your family will be able to find you with Find My iPhone app.
It is also easy to track an iPhone on You can track your device as well as the device of your any family member. If your device is not near, open the browser on your computer and go to Here, select Find My iPhone and locate it. You can choose your daughter’s device from the list and find it on the map too.
With the help of Find My iPhone, you can quickly locate your family to reach them in case of emergency. However, this is not an only app, which can help you find your beloved ones. Keep reading to discover other ways to track an iPhone.

Find My Friends App: Pros And Cons

Find My Friends is the application similar to Find My iPhone. It also allows locating your family and friends from your Apple device. To set up the app, you need to sign in to iCloud on your device. Once it is done, add friends in Find My Friends application and locate them as soon as they accept your request.
If you want to stop sharing your location, open Find My Friends and tap Me. Then disable Share My Location. Once it is done, you will be able to see Not sharing location next to your icon.

Check the list of pros and cons of the app:


  • Easy to use
  • Show precise location
  • Helps to keep in touch with friends
  • Help to navigate the lost device


  • Anyone can send you a request
  • Doesn’t send notification on your iPhone
  • Although the pros outweigh the cons, Apple has a room for improvement. They can enhance location sharing feature, even more, to help users track an iPhone instantly.

How To Track An iPhone With Parental Control App

Parental control tools come in handy if you want to track an iPhone of your daughter or son. Majority of them has user-friendly interface and work remotely. It means you can find out your kid’s location no matter for far from them you are.
The process of locating someone with parental control app is really simple.

You need to purchase the software and install it on the smartphone you want to track. Most of the parental control apps support Android and iOS devices. So, you can be sure that the app will be compatible with your child’s iPhone model and track the location easily.

Once the software is installed, you need to set up the features. Also, make sure that the GPS location is turned on the smartphone. After all the preparation is done, the app will start tracking your child’s location. The parental control app will work in background mode. It will track the route of your child during the day and send the information to your Control Panel. You can log in to the Panel to check the current location and location history. Wonder how to install parental control app on the device of your kid? Follow the article to find out.

How To Install Parental Control App On iOS Devices

To install the software on your iOS device, you need to obtain physical access to the phone. But, you don’t need the access if you decide on mSpy parental control app. The mSpy software requires no installation on the target iPhone.
To install the mSpy software on the iOS device, you need to obtain user’s iCloud credentials and enable iCloud backup. 2-factor authentication has to be disabled.

Once you find out the iCloud credentials, you need to provide them on your Control Panel. The mSpy app will start working on the iPhone. After some time, you will see collected logs in your Panel.
mSpy cannot only track an iPhone’s location. This parental control tool has many other features you should hear about.

What Features Does Parental Control App Have?

  • Geofencing. Apart from location tracking, mSpy can also notify you when your child reaches the destination. You can set geofence for school and be informed when your son or daughter is there.
  • WhatsApp tracking. mSpy can help you find out what information does your child share with friends on WhatsApp. You can take a sneak peek at your daughter’s messages from your Control Panel.
  • Keylogger. With the keylogger, you can detect every keystroke on the kid’s phone. Keylogger helps to spot search queries, sent messages and other information the user types.
  • Content filtering. mSpy encourages parents to protect their kids from inappropriate content applying content filtering. You can rest assured that your child doesn’t stumble upon adult-oriented material online.
  • Apps blocking. You can restrict your child from playing mobile games and chatting on social media apps too much. mSpy blocks access to the applications installed on your kid’s device.

The parental control app is your right choice if you want to track your kid’s iPhone and make sure their online behavior is safe. With the help of Find My iPhone and parental control app, you will guarantee your child a risk-free environment.