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How To Install Flexispy On The Target Phone?

To install Flexispy on a target phone, first, you need to know its operating system since the installation varies for Android, iOS, Blackberry, Nokia, etc.

For Android, for example, you need to take a phone and make it available for accepting applications from unknown sources. Or, the version of Android might ask rooting – a method of voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.

For iOS, you need to know the iCloud credentials and enable the iCloud backup. Moreover, the target handset might ask the 2-factor authentication.

The Flexispy service needs to help users get around this obstacle. Or, the version of the iOS device could be a subject for jailbreaking – the method of voiding the warranty for Apple devices. In this case scenario, there’s another approach toward the installation.

The most reasonable way to find out how to install Flexispy on a particular target phone is to go to its official site and get assistance at every single step.

How To Install Spyware On Android Remotely?

The truth is it is impossible to install spyware on Android remotely, without physical access to it. Here are the two most popular variants to install spyware on an Android device:

Variant 1:

  • Get access to a target device.
  • Make preliminaries such as enable Unknown Sources and disable Scan device for security threats.
  • Enter the URL of the app’s apk into the web browser.
  • Follow the installation instructions.
  • Hide the icon from being exposed on the home screen.

Variant 2:

  1. Get access to a target device.
  2. Make preliminaries such as enable Unknown Sources and disable Scan device for security threats.
  3. Go to your online account whose credentials were sent to your email.
  4. Access it and hit the Control Panel.
  5. Find the Setup Wizard there and follow its instructions.
  6. Get started with the app.

How To Install Highster Mobile Remotely?

Highster Mobile cannot be installed remotely. It is downloaded in two ways:

  • By entering the link with the app’s apk into the target phone’s browser.
  • By using Bluetooth or USB connection to transfer the program into the device.

After downloading with the apk, follow these instructions:

  • Enter the license key which is sent to your email.
  • Indicate either a phone number or email to receive the information.
  • Restart your phone.

After using a USB cable, you should do the following:

  1. Open the folder with the transferred file.
  2. Go to Applications and select App installer.
  3. Click on the downloaded app and go further with the instructions.

How To Install mSpy Remotely?

how-to-install-mspymSpy can be installed remotely only on an iPhone, provided the iCloud credentials of a target device are known and iCloud backup is enabled. However, to have it installed on Android devices, physical access is required. Devices with the two operating systems require different installation approaches.

The most reasonable way to do it is to go to its official site and follow the most accurate installation guidelines provided there. Also, the support team might be assisting during the process.

How to install Flexispy without the target device?

Despite numerous articles on how to install Flexispy without the target device, there’s only one possible way to do it – to have physical access to a target device. The first step to install it is just to have a look at the target device’s operating system. The installation differs for Android, iOS devices as well as for Nokia, Blackberry.

The device itself, whether it is a PC, a handset, or a tablet, matters as well. The most reasonable way to have Flexispy set up on the target device is to go to their official site, get support from the team and do it under strict assistance.

How to install WebWatcher on Android?

Prerequisites before the installation:

1. Disable Scan device for security threats on Child device:

  • Open Play Store app and tap 3-line icon in the left top corner
  • Find Play Protect and toggle off scanning
  • Make sure afterward it shows Full scanning turned off

2. Switch on Unknown Sources on Child device in Settings > Lock Screen and Security Page (if required).

The installation process:

Step 1: In Child device, enter the URL in Google Chrome and download the app.

Step 2: Pick Install and Open to set up the app (please, do not click Done yet).

Step 3: From Child device, pick Child’s if prompted.

Step 4: You’ll be asked to log in to your WebWatcher account.

Step 5: Click Activate Now on the following pages and turn on WWChildApp each time:

  • Activate App Supervision
  • Activate Device Administrator
  • Activate Screen Capture

Note: After checked boxes ask you Don’t show again, click it!

Step 6: Click Start Now

Note: Click Yes if they ask you to Do not optimize battery usage and Let app always run in the background.

Step 7: Click OK Got it! on the page Viewing Recorded Data.

Step 8: Click Hide App on the Hide App page.

Warning! Do not forget to close the browser page with the link and make sure you cleaned the browser history.

How to install TeenSafe?

TeenSafe is an online app-based program which allows parents to monitor calls, text messages, real-time GPS coordinates, and activity on social media.

To install TeenSafe on iPhone, you need to:

1. Know the child’s Apple ID and password.
2. Enable the target phone’s iCloud backup.
3. Buy the app and create the TeenSafe account.
4. Log in to the TeenSafe account from your phone or any other device.
5. Enter your child’s iCloud Credentials to add their iPhone.
6. Start monitoring.

To set up TeenSafe on Android, follow these steps:

1. Log in to the TeenSafe account.
2. Click on Add Child and enter your child’s name.
3. Under Android, pick Add Monitor or Add Control.
4. Get the phone ready for the app:
Enable under Unknown Sources – Allow installation of nonmarket apps

Note: some versions ask enabling Allow installation of apps from sources other than the Play Store
In Apps – Settings – Google turn off Improve Harmful App Detection or Scan Device for Security Threats.

5. On your device click Next and wait for a message to your child’s device.
6. Follow the link to the TeenSafe application.
7. Click the Install TeenSafe App button.
8. After it is downloaded, click Open or Install.
9. On your device, click Continue.
10. On the child’s device, enter your email and click Next.
11. Click Next on your device and start monitoring.

How To Install mSpy On iPhone and Android?

mSpy is a tracking app that allows to follow someone’s GPS location, view Text Messages, Web Activity, WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat and Instagram Direct, Call Logs and Calendar Events.

Here’s how to install mSpy on Android:

Step 1: Preliminaries – Get a target phone ready to use apps from unknown sources

1. Go to Additional Settings – Privacy
2. Check Unknown Sources
3. Find Verify apps in Settings – Google – Security – Verify apps
4. Disable Scan device for security threats

Step 2: Install the app on the target device

1. Log in to the mSpy account
2. Select a device (Android)
3. Follow the instructions of the Setup Wizard
4. Contact the tech support for troubleshooting

Here’s how to install mSpy on iPhone:

Step 1: Preliminaries – Get a target device ready for the installation

1. Get to know iCloud Credentials
2. Activate iCloud backup in Apple ID – iCloud – iCloud Backup – On

Step 2: Set up the app on the target device

1. Log in to the mSpy account
2. Select a device (iPhone)
3. Enter ID credentials
4. Follow the instructions of the Setup Wizard
5. Get in touch with the support team