Mobistealth Review – Find Out The Truth About This Spy App

Can You Spy On Someone’s Phone Secretly? A mobile phone is indeed a versatile tool for anyone and anything. It helps us to perform an enormous number of tasks and make daily routines a lot easier. But it is also a space for online threats. Do you have doubts that your beloved one may face the danger? Or maybe their behaviour is what makes you worried?
Mobistealth spy app may help you find out the secrets of anyone. We have analyzed many Mobistealth reviews to present you an honest an unbiased research on this spy app.

Mobisteath: How To Get Started

mobistealth-reviewMobistealth is the paid application, which implies you need to subscribe to get access to its services. Usually, you will have to pay a monthly or yearly fee for either Pro or Pro-X subscription plan.
You may connect your credit card to your Mobistealth account, so you will automatically be charged every month. If you don’t find Mobistealth useful anymore, you can easily unsubscribe and delete the application.
To get started with Mobistealth, you need to purchase a subscription. The Mobistealth app is compatible with iOS and Android, but there are different subscription options for each of the OS. For Android devices, you can go for Pro or Pro-X plans, for iPhones – Premium Plus only.
When you purchase, you can download and install the spy app on the target smartphone. It can be the device of your kid or any family member. Just make sure they agree to be tracked.
Once you install the Mobistealth spyware, it will start recording the activities. You don’t need direct access to the device to see the activities. You can log in to your Mobistealth account and find out what’s happening on the target phone.

How To Find Mobistealth On My Phone?

Although we always recommend informing the target about your plans to monitor them, many users still do that secretly. So the Mobistealth app may currently be tracking your activities on your own device!
Is there a way to find Mobistealth on your phone? Read on to discover simple ways to detect Mobistealth on your device.

  • Observe Download folder
    If the Mobistealth software is indeed installed, you may see the download files in your SD card Download folder. Check for the file mobistealthv2.apk. If it’s here, the spy app is probably now tracking your activities.
  • Detect who is spying on your phone
    There is another way to spot the Mobistealth spy app on your smartphone. Go to the Data folder and check for the file named This file indicates that Mobistealth is indeed set up on your device.

How To Remove Mobistealth from Android And iOS Devices?

Once you found the Mobistealth spyware on your smartphone, you probably want to stop it from stealing your data. You can either install the antivirus app or delete the Mobistealth app for good.
Antivirus prevents third-party apps from accessing your data. Install McAfee, Kaspersky, Avast or Norton antivirus to stop Mobistealth. Antiviruses alert you when someone tries to install the spyware. Most of the antiviruses perform the regular scanning of your device to detect and block the spy app.
If you want to get rid of the Mobistealth app forever, you can delete it from your phone. Follow the guide to remove Mobistealth from your Android phone:

  1. Go to Settings of your phone.
  2. Scroll down to tap Apps and then Data Controller.
  3. Tap Uninstall to delete the spy app.

Mobistealth doesn’t provide guidelines to help their iOS users to delete the spyware. But we can assume that factory reset can solve the problem. The reset will clean the phone’s memory and delete the third-party apps. Make sure to back up your valuable files before the procedure.

Is It As Intuitive As Website Says It Is?

Spying technology isn’t new for the tech world. There are lots of apps that allow you to track anyone’s activities and manage the device use. That’s why choosing between different spyware, users consider the benefits of each.
Mobistealth website claims the spy app is intuitive. But is it true? For example, to use one of their features, phone surroundings listening, you need to send an SMS command. SMS isn’t invisible: the target user can see it. So, is the app that intuitive if it requires you to trigger the features to work? We don’t think so.
What about the other Mobistealth features? Or maybe it would be better to say the lack of ones? Mobistealth has basic logging options, which allow you to see what’s going on someone’s phone. But, you can’t block or limit access to websites and apps.
Children often install many games and use age-inappropriate apps. We can only imagine what they search for on the Internet when parents aren’t around. That’s why blocking options are so necessary: they help to prevent unsavoury content exposure. Unfortunately, Mobistealth doesn’t provide the possibility to filter online content.
Mobistealth also ignores the screen time management possibility. You can’t set time limits for the device usage and manage the apps allowances. It would be great to have such additional control over someone’s device.

Quality Vs. Cost – Should You Buy Mobistealth?

All in all, Mobistealth is the average spy app. It does cover the necessary options like WhatsApp activity logging and location tracking, but it lacks essential features. There are many other options on the Internet, which provide complete control over device.
As for the price, Mobistealth is a bit expensive. But if you invest in the yearly plan, you will even benefit.
Maybe the app will suit those who want to spy on mobile activities. But, parents who want to ensure the safe digital environment for their kids won’t be satisfied with the Mobistealth feature set.