Spy On Your Spouse Text Messages Without Touching his/her Phone

Texting is supposed to be the most popular means of communication. Text messaging has surpassed phone calls and face-to-face interaction.More and more people use text messages to communicate with their friends, family and even to deal with the matters on business. According to researches, 70% of people text on a regular basis. Every person sends, on average, 200 text messages every month.

The first message was sent 27 years ago, and the trend of texting continues to increase. We live in the digital era, and more advanced devices and features appear regularly. Nowadays, people use different instant messengers, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Telegram and many others. Here they can chat with their nearest and dearest, friends and relatives, read the news and share media files.

There are some reasons why text messaging is the primary means of communication now:

  • Texting is less time-consuming. You can answer an SMS whenever you want, and you do not have to get distracted from your affairs. Moreover, you can send one message to several people at once. If you want to cancel the meeting with your subordinates, you only have to type the message, choose recipients and press the ‘Send’ button. It prevents you from contacting each person individually.
  • Text messages help us to avoid unpleasant phone conversations. If you do not want to communicate with someone, you may not respond to his/her texts.
  • You can think over your response, proofread it, or even rewrite.
  • Texting allows you to multitask. You can chat with several people at once, or you can do some other things while chatting. Texting does not require your constant attention and participation.
  • Texting prevents annoyance. When you text, you won’t hear a crying baby or noise of perforator.
  • You can save important messages; phone calls cannot be recorded.
  • Text messages do not have an awkward silence that phone calls have. When you discussed the major issue, you can stop texting.

Online Tools To Catch Cheating Spouse Text Messages

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Cheating is one of the most painful moments in the relationship. A lot of methods to cheat on your partner have appeared due to the development of the Internet and social networks. Nowadays, cheating extends beyond previously possible options: moderns use texting, instant messengers, social networks to keep in touch with their lovers and to conceal their secret relations.

It is not prevalent any more to get the phone of your spouse and to read all the texts. Moreover, he/she is more likely to delete all the messages. You can use a modern approach to catch a cheater. There are a lot of contemporary tools you can use to expose your cheating spouse. You can take advantage of the next tools to deny or prove your suspicions:

  • Spy Applications. There are a great many diverse spy apps today. With the help of a spy application, you can remotely get access to the phone of your spouse and to view SMS, instant messengers, calls, GPS location, photo library and any other information that you need.
  • TeamViewer. This tool is available only on desktop computers. You can remotely access the computer of your spouse and in real-time browse through his/her messages.
  • Find My iPhone or Google Maps. Besides tracking SMS, you can monitor GPS location to know whether your spouse is where he/she should be. You should have physical access to the phone of your partner to switch on location tracking. You will be able to view the location of your spouse in real-time.
  • WiFi networks. Check the information about each hotspot your spouse connects. You can monitor the additional information about name, time, duration and type on a connection. With the help of this method, you can know an approximate route of your partner.

Spy On Your Spouse Texts

Undetectable Spy Apps To Intercept Text Messages From Another Phone



Spy apps are the most widespread means of tracking someone’s activity. Many people use them every day for different purposes. Parents use them to keep their children safe and limit their access to suspicious content; employers find it useful to keep their employees productive, spouses download it to spy on the activity of their partner.

There are diverse monitoring applications to spy on your partner. With their help, you can spy on text messages, instant messengers, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat and Telegram, calls, GPS location, photos and videos, notes, calendar and many other things.

Usually, spy apps work in a background mode. You do not need physical access to track the target phone, but you may need it to install the application on Android devices and iOS phones with jailbreak. Spy apps are completely undetectable. mSpy, Spyzie and Spybubble are the most popular text spy apps in the monitoring market.

These apps spy not only on text messages but on many other things such as calls, GPS location, activity in the instant messengers, photos, videos and many other things. Read more about these text spy applications to choose the best one!

mSpy Sms Spy App

mSpy is a leading monitoring app that allows users to spy remotely on the mobile phone of any individual you want to monitor. You can know where this person is, who he/she communicates, and what he/she is doing. the mSpy text spy app collects and uploads data to your personal Control Panel; you can remotely view the data whenever you want in your account.

With the help of the mSpy application, you can spy on all received, sent and deleted messages, emails, instant messengers etc. Moreover, you can create a list of suspicious words and get alerts when your partner uses them. With the help of this feature, you will be immediately notified if your spouse uses suspicious words to cheat on you, make a date with someone or sext. Using this application, you will know more about people you want to spy.


  • 24/7 support and assistance through email, phone and online chat.
  • mSpy gives you detailed reports about the monitored cell phone. It is so handy a feature for users that monitor several devices simultaneously.
  • Keylogger features. This feature allows you to monitor keystrokes and know search phrases, passwords, etc.
  • Affordable price.


  • mSpy does not support BlackBerry and Nokia Symbian phones.
  • Some advanced features are absent like call recording, remote camera activation, surrounding recording.
  • To use advanced features, you have to root an Android phone or jailbreak an iOS device.

Spyzie Text Spy App

Spyzie is one more powerful monitoring app. With the help of Spyzie text spy app, you can spy on sent and received messages and view information about the sender, receiver, the phone number and timestamps of each message. Moreover, you can view media attachments from the SMS. If the target device is iPhone or iPad, you can view sent and received iMessages.


  • The wide range of spying options.
  • No rooting or jailbreak. The app does not require you to root or jailbreak your device.
  • A detailed setup guide and simple installation.


  • Limited spying options for iOS devices.
  • Target phone starts working slowly.
  • There is no ability to view group chats.


SpyBubble isn’t so widespread spy app as mSpy and Spyzie, but it can help you to know the truth about marital matters. You can use SpyBubble to spy on text messages of your cheating spouse. Find out more who your partner chats, what files he/she shares.

SpyBubble isn’t so undetectable as it should be. Due to recent updates, the application icon is always visible on the monitored phone. Your spouse can easily know that his/her device is being monitored. It is better to choose mSpy or Spyzie, as they are fully indiscoverable.


  • Multiple device tracking. You can buy one license and monitor several devices simultaneously.
  • It’s simple and straightforward to use.


  • Advanced features. It doesn’t have some advanced features, such as Keylogger, call recording.
  • Battery. It runs the battery down.
  • Paid support.
  • No keyword alert function.
  • It lags when there is no stable Internet connection.

What you can do with Text Spy Apps

The Internet is the most popular place to meet other people nowadays. It is of great importance to spy on the texts of your spouse. Many people tend to text with their buddies, partners and family members. Calling has taken a backside these days.

Spy apps are your best bet if you want to catch your cheating spouse. These apps allow you to spy on all messages your spouse sends or receives; you can view multimedia files and links shared in texts. Keep your eyes open and spy on text messages and other activity of your spouse to know whether he/she is cheating on you.

Spy On Text Messages