Spyzie Review: Why You Need To Choose The Best Monitoring App

Spyzie is one of the most popular parental control apps for iPhone devices. Its extensive functionality is intended to monitor messages, GPS locations, call logs, web history, photos, contacts, and apps used by their child. In addition, this app can be used for monitoring your colleagues or suspicious partner. It takes one of the top places on the spying apps market.

What is Spyzie app?

In view of all the global cyber safety issues that exist in our contemporary world, Spyzie is a must-have for worrying parents and suspicious partners. This is a great solution for all those who want to protect their children from cyber bullying and involving them in sexting. 2018 year demonstrated that cyber frauds started to use new ways of cyber bullying and cyber attacks in order to damage the security of users. The more the dependence of people on different technologies enhances, the more cyber bullying is developing.

spyzie-reviewWhen it comes to the cyber security of kids, today, they very often become victims of sexting, cyberbullying, communication with online predators, personal information leak, and so on. Online risks negatively impact teenagers and can confuse them. Thus, it’s very important to ensure teenagers a high level of protection against different cyber risks. Therefore, Spyzie offers a great opportunity for parents to supervise their children’s activities on social networks, communication with their classmates and friends via instant messengers, tracking GPS locations, and so on.

Can Spyzie be installed remotely?

Spyzie app is easy to use and multifunctional. After purchasing the app, you become the owner of the account from which you can monitor your target person’s activities. Spyzie app is compatible with iPhone and Android devices.

In order to monitor iPhone, you need to know the device’s Credentials. Thus, to get access to the target device’s data, you need to enter a code sent on the target device. Spyzie can’t monitor iPhone, if Two-Factor Authentication is set up on it. Accounts protected by Two-Factor Authentication can’t process data through their interfaces.

If you want to monitor Android device, you need to set up an app on the target device. So, Spyzie can’t be installed remotely on the Android device. Spyzie Premium account provides users with a wide range of monitoring features. In addition, you need access to the target device. Also, you need to check whether the Android version of your target device requires rooting. However, initially, you need physical access to the target device in order to monitor your target person’s activities. After that, you can log in to the control panel and start monitoring.

Can Spyzie record calls?

Spyzie provides users with extensive functionality. It allows monitoring call history on the target device. Using Spyzie, you receive call logs on your Control Panel, that contain the time and date of the calls, their duration, a list of phone numbers, a type of the call, including outgoing, incoming, accepted, and withdrawn. This function of the app allows getting to know a lot of interesting about your girlfriend or teen daughter, for instance, with whom she communicates the most often and how much time she spends on these conversations. However, you can’t record calls by using Spyzie, because it’s illegal and violates the law.

Can Spyzie monitor Instagram?

Spyzie allows monitoring different social networks, including Instagram. It means that you can monitor private messages sent or received by your target person. Spyzie retrieves messages from Direct Messages. In addition, you can determine the time when your target person sent these messages.

Let’s consider a whole list of social networks that you can monitor with Spyzie. It includes Snapchat, Facebook Messanger, Line, Viber, Skype, Tinder, Kik, Wechat, and so on. This is a very useful feature not only for parents but for business partners.

Also, you need to pay your attention to that this is absolutely legal to monitor messages according to European law. In Europe, employees agree to be monitored by their employers. For this, they need to get written permission. Since hack attacks started to occur very frequently in the business world, monitoring of messages has become must have of the effective business. That’s why big and small businesses implement different monitoring technologies in their business processes by using monitoring apps.

How to install Spyzie on target phone?

You need to know that the installation process isn’t possible without physical access to the target device. To install an app on the target device, initially, you need to have physical access and then you will be able to monitor to track your target device remotely.

If you have decided to install the app on iPhone, it doesn’t require jailbreaking. However, it requires Apple credentials. For the installation of the app, you need to turn on iPhone. For the verification, you need to go to the Settings app and tap on Tunes & App Store. Then you need to find the Automatic Downloads part and turn on. After that, it’s necessary to download the app on iPhone from your computer. Then, you will see an app icon on the device.

To make Spyzie work, it’s necessary to sync the data from the iCloud account. For this, open iTunes on a computer and access the account with the Apple credentials. Choose the app and download. After that, you will see the app on both devices.

Extensive functionality

So, as it was mentioned above, Spyzie offers its users extensive functionality. By using Spyzie, you can completely supervise your child’s or partner’s device. The most important thing about monitoring another device is reading instant messengers because this is the most popular platform for communicating between teenagers. Therefore, Spyzie allows monitoring SMS and instant messages. In addition, one of the main feature provided by Spyzie is GPS locating. By using it, you can always keep an eye on whereabouts of your child or suspicious partner. Viewing browsing history is one more important feature that allows users to be aware of all the interests of their target person.

In conclusion, extensive functionality is one of the main benefits of Spyzie making it popular among the huge audience.