Teensafe Review: What You Need To Know About Teensafe App Before Purchasing

TeenSafe was developed especially for monitoring children’s devices by their worrying parents including GPS location, logs of phone calls, social networks activities, instant messangers, and so on. You can install the app without jailbreaking or rooting.

What is Teensafe?

This app has achieved a high level of popularity among more than 500 000 parents who want to keep an eye on the online activities of their teen children. This app provides teen children with high level protection against early growing up. After the installation of TeenSafe app on the child’s device, you can supervise all the activities provided by your child on social networks, their chats with their friends, schoolmates, and so on.

teensafe-reviewIn addition, this is a great solution, when it comes to the protection of your children against cyber bullying and involving in sexting. TeenSafe app is compatible with Android devices as well as Apple devices, including iPod Touches, iPhone, and iPads.

How does Teensafe work?

In order to provide Teensafe work properly, you need to go through the installation process. Initially, you need to install Teensafe app on your computer. On the mobile phone, Teensafe app works in the background, so that it’s difficult to detect it on the target device. Your child won’t see this app on the phone’s app dashboard.

In addition, TeenSafe logo doesn’t appear on the screen. You can use one app to monitor several devices at the same time. After the set up of the account, you will have access to the secure and personal dashboard.

It allows viewing incoming and outgoing call logs, including contact name, date, number, and call duration; sent, received, and deleted iMessages and SMS, Kik, and WhatsApp messages. In addition, you can supervise Instagram and Facebook activities, GPS location, and browsing history.

Pricing and Rates

TeenSafe app offers its users free trial for one week. The paid subscription costs $14.95 per month. By purchasing this subscription, you get access to unlimited devices and accounts. If a user wants to get not only monitoring features but control ones, they need to pay additional $9.99 per month.

Also, you need to pay your attention that you need to cancel your trial at least 24 hours before because in another case you need to pay. The TeenSafe app boasts of easy installation. Generally, the service is based on month-to-month subscriptions and doesn’t require any contracts. Every user can cancel a subscription, but the company doesn’t provide any refunds.

TeenSafe benefits and drawbacks

Among the most essential benefits provided by the TeenSafe app, I can emphasize real-time GPS tracking and a possibility to stop the work of the device. The last feature is very useful for worrying parents because it allows restricting or blocking different phone features for a limited period of time, while a child is sleeping or studying. Blocked phone allows children to make calls when it’s necessary.

Among the most important disadvantages, I can emphasize that parents can’t look through images and videos sent, received or stored on the target device. This is really a very important disadvantage because photos and videos are a basic platform for getting to know what hobbies and interests your child have, who are their friends and how they spend time. By using photos and videos, people can share offensive or inappropriate content. Paedophiles and abusers very often use photos and videos in order to involve teenagers in sexting.

A list of parental control features consists of access scheduling, app blocking, software blocking, remote device lockdown, text blocking, and message blocking. A list of monitoring features includes monitoring social networks, calls, SMS, and browsing history. The combination of monitoring and control services provide parents with multifaceted protection of children against abuse, sexting, Internet bullying, inappropriate or offensive content.

Key points about Teensafe app

Teensafe app provides a high level of privacy and security due to the SSL and data encryption. Thus, all the data retrieved by the service from the target device is absolutely secret and transferred only from the child device to the parent’s one. The most important thing about the use of the app is that if parents want to get a high level parental control over their children’s activity, they need to purchase TeenSafe Control additionally. In another case, they only can monitor their children’s activities.

As it was mentioned above, it allows monitoring all the sent and received messages, GPS locations, call logs and browsing history. Adding control features to the monitoring features allows parents to block or restrict a target device or separate apps. The most essential disadvantage of the Teensafe app is that it doesn’t provide parents with a possibility to monitor photos and videos since this is a very important part of monitoring a target device.

Among the main benefits of the Teensafe app, I can emphasize:

  • A full set of monitoring features that enable multifaceted device monitoring;
  • By using one subscription, you can track several kids at the same time;
  • For the installation of the Teensafe app, you don’t need rooting or jailbreaking;
  • Monitoring all the messages, including deleted ones;
  • Tracking GPS location;
  • A possibility to block inappropriate apps;
  • Controlling time of the device use.

Among the main drawbacks of the Teensafe app, I can emphasize:

  • Technical issues are available in the installation and the work of the app;
  • Set up and use contain difficulties;
  • No 24×7 customer support;
  • Parents can view photos and videos sent or received to the target device;
  • Monitoring Facebook activities isn’t available.

In conclusion, TeenSafe can boast of mostly positive reputation mainly due to the fact that you can install the app without jailbreaking or rooting.