Top 3 iPhone and Android Spy Apps to Catch a Cheating Spouse

Relationships are hard. They require work from both partners, sometimes taking a toll on the individual. In some of the toughest times, partners are left confused, possibly turning to others for comfort and security. When your significant others begin to confide in others, some telling signs might make you wonder if they have taken that confidence to another level. For these reasons, some apps that can help you get to the bottom of the changes in mood and sentiment, letting you know whether or not your partner is cheating. Far more advanced from methods of the past, this software is created with discretion in mind, because knowledge of being suspected of cheating can create trust issues, causing more damage to the relationship. We have listed 3 of the top spy apps for cheating along with a helpful Q and A to clear up any doubts, help the concerned spouses find ways to dispel their doubts in an easy and non-intrusive way.

It helps to feel safe and confident that the one you love is dedicated to you just as much as you them, clear any suspicions with one of these 3 spy phone apps.

Track Your Cheating Spouse With mSpy


mSpy is a top contender in the world of mobile spying. This app is operating in over 100 countries spreading further as the years pass. This app is targeted toward families wanting to keep an eye out for children; however, it works wonderfully for monitoring a spouse’s behavior remotely as well, allowing you to spy on cheating spouse with discretion, clearing the air and allowing your heart to fall freely in love.

This app works with iPhone and Android, as well as desktop devices (Windows and MacOS), providing updates and optimizing its functionality alongside the evolving technology. Developers are constantly at the drawing board, tweaking all of the smallest details to guarantee you the security you are looking for without raising suspicions. This app has branched out by offering users a chance to monitor usage, including SMS, Viber, Skype, and WhatsApp text activities, among many others.

This app tends to follow along the advancement of technology, adding more possibilities to users. It has received several positive reviews from millions of users that have been satisfied with its capability. Parents have been pleased and feel safer about their children, and you can feel that safety knowing your heart will not be broken.

Track Your Cheating Spouse

Pros and Cons of mSpy

mSpy offers the ability to spy on cheating spouse cell phone free for 7 days, after which the app account comes priced (with a decent pricing plan), especially with all that you get apart from the comfort of simply knowing.

Another highlight of this app is its target, that being for parents who want to ensure their child’s safety as they discover the unpredictable workings of the world wide web. Because of this focus on parental control, the company has support and funding from large organizations, placing attention on all the small details, including the installed GPS tracking systems.

At the moment, there are a few features that this application lacks, like call recording and camera activation for making screenshots. There is also a small disadvantage of mandatory jailbreaking that needs to be done before you install mSpy.

To fully reap the benefits, you’ll have to enable iCloud in iPhone and set up the Keylogger on the device you wish to track. These can be done in combination in under 2 minutes, making it a minor disadvantage.

With mSpy, the benefits outweigh the cons, making it the perfect choice when unfaithful or suspicious activity is suspected. It feels good to be sure, and mSpy can help.

What About Couple Tracker?


The rise in technology and personal mobile devices has sadly made it easier to hide the truth. Nowadays, there are apps to hide messages, calls, and more, making it more difficult to find out if you’re being manipulated or just being paranoid. Couples who wish to avoid any potential problems will love the openness of the Couple Tracker app.

This app requires both partners to have it (which requires the device owner’s consent), offering an open and transparent view for each. Call history and text messages are among the activities recorded, also not permitting the deletion of any messages or calls to manipulate findings.

This app comes with a pricing ladder, allowing users to choose the best option for their relationship. There is a free version; however, the policy allows a limited number of text messages and phone calls per day. The Pro License allows unlimited access to calls, messages, and location and is priced depending on number of devices and amount of time.

With Pro access, and “Extra Package” option is featured, giving users the benefits of all the newest updates and additions as the app flourishes. Couple Tracker doesn’t come with the heavy technical parts and steps that other tracking apps do, making it an easy and more open way to assure that you’re just as invested as your partner.

Pros and Cons of Couple Tracker

It is not just another cheating spouses spy app; by letting a partner know that they’re loved, one can stay connected and rest assured that honesty and commitment are present in the relationship. Several benefits come from this step, especially with its ability to strengthen the bond of marriage and partnership. There will never be a need to hide or sneak around the fact that you’re watching every move your partner makes.

Though this is a major pro, the app lacks technological abilities, allowing for only text, calls, and location. Compared to apps of its kind, the cost is on the higher side, especially without providing access to activities of other applications, e.g., the Web browser history.

Still, Couple Tracker is an alternative and easy-to-use version to some of the more advanced and tech-heavy options. It also offers a unique and open way to put rest to suspicions, a problem that every couple deals with these days thanks to social media and easier, quicker ways to communicate.

Spy On Cheating Spouse

How Can Spyzie Help You?


The powerful technology that comes from Spyzie can help clear suspicions through cheating spouse cell phone activity. This app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and comes without the hassle of having to jailbreak the device you wish to monitor. It gives an inside look into all of the most used applications like Snapchat, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Users can access the target’s location at any moment throughout the day and even get an inside look into all phone activities of their spouses.

This app allows you to customize alerts, keeping you in the loop when suspicious activity is occurring. Your spouse will never know that you suspect them of an affair, avoiding potential backfire. Just like mSpy, Spyzie is a more technologically advanced system, generally targeted toward parents. It is user-friendly and provides a more detailed look into your partne’s activity, making it next to impossible to hide things they might not want you to see.

Pros and Cons of Spyzie

To spy on cheating spouse using Spyzie, you will need access to the device only if iCloud backup is not activated. If it is activated, there is no need to have the phone in your hands and no need to root or jailbreak. This app can be as transparent or visible as you prefer, with options to appear on the device or not. The price tag for such strong technology is a fair one, falling in the average range in this niche.

There is a free demo; however, no free trial is available. The basic version allows you mostly full access. There are Pro and Ultimate features revealing more app activities depending on your pricing plan. It can seem a bit expensive; however, the cost of peace of mind and security is priceless. You can choose to track for just one month or up to a year discreetly, with Spyzie allowing you to customize your setting to reveal exactly what you want to see.

Solutions to Spy on Your Spouse for Apple

These days, it can be tricky to be in the know of everything behind your partner’s screen. Just as fast as cheating spouses spy apps are released, a new way to hide comes out as well, making it a constant battle. Those who would rather not download an app have several options to look into their partner’s activity on iPhone devices.

The iOS system was created to avoid unwanted or unknown activity, but there is always a small loophole, one that does not require any jailbreaking and can be done in little to no time. It can also be done easily without the device in hand but requires that the iPhone’s iCloud settings are set a certain way.

Use iCloud to Spy on Your Spouse

Using the Apple ID or iCloud from the desired device for tracking purposes, you will first need to find out whether the iCloud backup is activated. If so, there will be no need to have the device in hand; however, if it is not, you will need to have access for a very short time. Here you will need to select what you would like to track, choosing from messages, emails, photos, and locations.
It allows you to spy on cheating spouse activity without their knowledge, avoiding any problems in the process. It is a popular option as it is easy, discreet, and requires very little interaction with your partner’s device. Besides being easy, it is also free, so if you’re only slightly suspicious, use this method before any others to see if further investigation is required.
If it is, apps can get to the bottom of your suspicions and clear up any doubts that you may have. Do this without your partner knowing in a discreet manner that Spyzie offers to users.

Our Team Solution

Monitoring the activity of a suspected cheating spouse cell phone can provide an entirely different outlook on life. Relationships are not always easy, mostly functioning like a roller coaster ride of continuous ups and downs. With all the stress the world brings and weight that most people carry on their shoulders, relationships can suffer, sometimes causing neglect even when it is not intended. Using an app to calm a suspicious mind is not as bad as some make it out to be, as it provides a chance to relax the mind, knowing your chosen one is just as committed to them as they are to you.

And thanks to advances in technology, you can put an end to any doubts without your partner ever having to know that you went through a stage of insecurity in your relationship. Stop wasting time and start enjoying all the beauty being in love and building a life together. We wish you the best of luck and hope that in choosing one of these apps, suspicions are put to rest, and you can continue to grow in confidence, knowing that the commitment you value is valued in return.


After studying the inner working of many top tracking apps and consulting with a family psychologist, we narrowed down some of the most frequently asked questions and main concerns when dealing with the topic of an unfaithful partner. Keep in mind that not every situation is the same as we are all unique individuals. There is no need to cause a scene even when you are 100% sure that your partner is seeing someone else.

Approach the situation with caution and with care, making sure not to overreact and regret anything you say or do. It can be easier said than done, but with the right mindset, you can overcome the situation no matter what is revealed with the help of these applications.

How do you know if he is cheating?


There is no single way to answer this question. People are different and handle stresses and situations differently. The better you know and understand your partner, the better, as you can easily spot changes in behavior, which is the first sign to look for when cheating is suspected. One telling sign to watch for is increased cell phone use and more possessive behavior concerning the phone.

How do you know if she’s cheating on you?


Just like with men, no two women are the same. Women tend to be more emotional creatures, and a shift in attitude is usually the first sign of an unfaithful spouse. If there are any differences noticed, including changes in appearance, diet, or schedule out of the blue, you may want to start watching more closely as this is a notable cause for concern.

What do I do if he`s cheating?


First things first; you need to stay calm. There are several reasons why people cheat, and if you really love that person, you will want to try and get to the root cause and help them recover. It is no doubt hurtful to find out, but make sure you speak to your partner, attempting to be as neutral as possible until you understand the whole story.

How to catch a cheating husband on WhatsApp?

catch-a-cheating husband-on-whatsapp

WhatsApp requires a password to log in; however, several spying apps can be added to devices without the need to jailbreak them, like mSpy, that give you access to messages and activity. If cheating is suspected, adding one of these discreet apps can help clear up any doubt.

How to catch a cheating boyfriend on Facebook?

catch-a-cheating husband-on-facebook

Besides stalking and monitoring his activity like a hawk, you may follow an easier way to make sure whether your partner is being unfaithful. There are several apps available, and also thanks to the iPhone iCloud backup, his Facebook activity can be easily accessed without any knowledge from your partner.

How to catch a cheater through text messages?


Text messages are more common than speaking today, making it easier to track and record conversations between two people. Free apps and tracking devices monitor them for both iPhone and Android devices; however, apps like Couple Tracker and mSpy are worth the investment if you’re looking to put your mind at ease.

How to catch a cheating spouse on Snapchat?


Catching a cheating spouse on Snapchat is a bit tricky, especially due to the app’s famous feature, which erases messages upon opening. It is no match for many tracking apps available today, as they can provide a true inside look into apps like Snapchat, providing real-time details that you can’t get in any other way.

How to catch a cheating spouse on Tinder?

cheating spouse-on-Tinder

This is also a tricky app to track, as it shows things like recent activity and private messages. Both mSpy and Spyzie have a Tinder feature that will alert suspicious activity or even show messages and swipes that occurred. Tinder is frowned upon and can be detrimental to a faithful and healthy relationship; so, knowing your partner’s activity can save you from heartbreak.