Best Cell Phone Tracker Apps was founded in 2017 when Founder and Editor-in-Chief Thomas Hunt decided to create a publication covering the domain of tracking technology. It was supposed to provide readers with high quality, impartial, and accurate information. The latter must serve the best decision-making of people who exercise different roles in the field.

At present, it is the most credible review website for mobile tracking technology. It is designed to help buyers, vendors, and source-oriented visitors receive needed information for beneficial decisions.

Buyers can find unbiased and insightful cell phone tracker reviews, lifehacks, guides to make better product decisions;

Vendors are able to intensify the authentic voice of customers via their marketing channels;

Source-oriented visitors can refer to overviews, opinions, analysis, straight-laced reporting and expertise to generate their own pieces.

The coverage’s approach rests on three core pillars: transparency, accuracy, and community.

Every reviewer on site is identified and their paper is vetted by Editing Team before publication. The site’s editors also make sure that any product score represents the true customer’s evaluation by amending selection bias.


To make the niche market of monitoring technology more transparent by:

  • sharing quality and accurate content,
  • providing best practices examples,
  • clarifying author expertise and picked methods,
  • and building on actionable client feedback.

To contribute to efficiency in processes in which buyers, vendors and source-oriented visitors are involved.


For buyers:

In the field of monitoring technology, consumer behavior has undergone positive shifts thanks to peer reviews on sites like TechCrunch, TechAdvisor, DigitalTrends, TopTenReviews. However, no one has comprehensively implemented the same approaches toward the coverage of the whole niche.

Annually, $3.8 Trillion is spent on enterprise technology and services, yet crucial decisions are often made with inaccurate and biased information. Thus, Best Cell Phone Tracker Apps strives to provide authentic and actionable advice from peers to buyers.

For vendors:

Using the resources (e.g., expert opinions, testing, top spy apps reviews, etc.) of site, vendors can make customer voices matter in the world of manufacturers as well as make them sound in the whole process from purchase to everyday usage. That way, they build a strong and devoted relationship with customers and their communities that intensify brand awareness and increase sales exponentially.

For source-oriented visitors:

When creating one’s own piece, it’s hard to find both an independent view and in-depth expertise on the cell phone tracking technology (e.g., texting spy review; GPS apps that locate devices; particular software suite). We`re clarifies details about the journalist, their expertise, professional and social background, and the methods they select to cover topics. Therefore, visitors decide on integrity and transparency on their own.


The Best Cell Phone Tracker Apps editorial team comprises in-house representatives of relevant manufacturers, independent researchers and testers, involved third-party experts. They specialize in reviews, trends’ analysis about the tracking software market, and reliable advice; they understand laws and politics and aims at bringing readers the right answer.

Thanks to a tech-savvy staff and their wide-ranging experience,  is now a reputable source of technology news, latest advancements in the field, software reviews and everything “tracking-related”.

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